Villafranca Tirrena

Villafranca Tirrena is in the province of Messina on the island of Sicily, Italy. It is only 22 km across the Straits of Messina to the region of Calabria.

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* Villafranca Tirrena is a town in the province of Messina, on the Thyrrenian sea, known with the name of Briosa and '''Bauso''' during the ancien times. Already mentioned in the Aragonese period, it was a fief of the Cottone family during the XVI century and it was the site of a busy trading station along the Palermo-Messina road. Architectonic masterpieces of the town are the baronial castle (Castello di Bauso), built in 1590 by Stefano Cottone, the '''Church of San Nicolò''', with a beautiful painted XVI century cross and a marble statue of madonna and child from the Calamecca's workshop, and the '''Sanctuary of Jesus Ecce Homo''', with a valuable wooden statue of Hecce Homo by Gianfranco Pitorno, also known with the name of frate Umile from Petralia.


Source: wikivoyage