Tijuana/Zona Norte

Tijuana's Zona Norte is adjacent to the tourist zone in the Zona Centro, to the north, and just south of the border. This zone is primarily residential and also includes the local red light district.

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Albergue para Migrante

A hostel for migrants from poorer regions south moving northwards towards the U.S., and definitely not a place for those seeking a few hours of privacy with a prostitute. Ask if they will let in a backpacking tourist.

Cascadas 2000

The major hotel in the centre of the Zona Norte, it has rooms that are relatively safe and clean, and many of the women who work in the Zona Norte rent rooms here by the week or by the month.

SLEEP   —  Cjon Coahuila 258

Hotel Acapulco

Can Sleep (if possible with all the noise from Ave Coahuila), Play cards with the desk clerk ($10 a hand) or chat (or other things) with Carla from Acalpulco all night.

Kentucky Fried Buches

A Tijuana institution since 1963, this place serves only one thing: deep-fried chicken neck tacos. Comes with unlimited tortillas and salsa.

Sonoras Grill

Grilled meats in various forms, including tacos, ''torta'' sandwiches, quesadillas, and traditional steaks. Most meals include salad bar.

EAT   —  Calle Coahuila

Hotel Hacienda de Santiago

Rooms are "Holiday Inn" quality and quite comfortable for the area, most include kitchens.

Hotel Jerez Suites

Off Coahuila on Mutualismo #450. $15-$25 a night.

La Perla

Mainly seafood, with live music some nights.

EAT   —  Map

Rizo de Oro

Similar to Cascadas 2000 but a bit cheaper.

SLEEP   —  +52 664 685-7949 —  Coahuila 1804

Plaza de Oro Hotel

Safe and clean

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