Tianshui (天水; Tiānshuǐ) is a city in Gansu Province.

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Tianshui Lacquer Carvings

Decent prices on lacquarware compared to the rest of China. Bargain hard and you may be a winner!

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Maijishan National Park (麦积山)

Caves on a vertical mountain cliff, well-preserved but be prepared to climb.

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Immortals' Cliffs

Temples built under the shelter of an enormous overhanging cliff.

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Youju Hotel

Hongqiao Hotel

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Maiji Hotel

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Antique Market

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About Tianshui

Tianshui consists of two main area with an industrial area in between. The eastern area is called Beidao and the western area is called Qincheng. Longcheng Lu connects both sections which lie 18 km apart.


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