Tansen is a city in Western Nepal.

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Mo:mo Center

Great little family run restaurant with excellent momo's (50Rp, chowmein (40Rp) and thukpa (40Rp). Hidden just behind the small temple in the center of town.

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Hotel Gaurishankar Guest House

with bathroom 500 Rs, common bathroom 350. Have free Wi-Fi. Little bit noised.

SLEEP   —  075-520150 —  Silkhan Tole

About Tansen

Tansen is an old western Newari city with an amazing history and some marvelous Nawari architecture. It lies about 30 kilometers north of Butwal and 120 kilometers from Pokhara. Approach roads are mostly good but winding. Altitude is higher than Kathmandu (4600 ft/1500 mtrs) so weather is lovely in hot monsoon season! It is a wonderful "hill station" in development with great views of the Himals and very interesting Palpali culture and history.


Source: wikivoyage