Talairan is a village in Aude, a Department of Languedoc-Rousillon in France.

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La Talariane

the local bar/restaurant, which has a lovely garden patio and its own petanque court

Feu de Bois Pizzeria

About Talairan

<p>Talairan is a small village of only a few hundred people and is set in the heartland of the winegrowing Corbieres district, in the South of France. The area has been inhabited since ancient times, originally by the Gallic tribe, with the closest large town Narbonne having been settled in the first century BC by the Romans. The Corbieres region has, since then, been famous for its olive plantations and vineyards, and Talairan is a typical village in the area in that respect. Sheep farming and iron mining have also produced work over the years in Talairan and the immediate surroundings. </p> <p> The natives call the scrubland on the hills surrounding the town La Garrigue and it is famous for its honey, lavender and rosemary. Truffles can also be dug out from the soil in the oak plantations just out of town. This environment makes for a good ramble and there are a number of signposted walks for day hikers. </p> <p> Summer is the peak time of year for Talairan and all the villages in the area. One by one, each village takes its turn to host a "fete", which is a kind of street party with live bands, entertainment, food and drink. Talairan also holds an annual "feria" in July, which is a town festival featuring horse-riding, cattle-herding and plenty of wine, food and song. </p> <p> In autumn and winter "chasseurs" (hunters) hunt for small game, deer and boar on the hillsides of the La Garrigue. The meat is often used to make a local specialty, a type of fermented sausage.


Source: wikivoyage