Swarthmore is a small borough in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, United States.

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Swarthmore College

A liberal arts college located in the heart of Swarthmore. Swarthmore College has been named a "Little Ivy" by various college guides, and is ranked third best Liberal Arts College in the United States by ''US News and Report''. The school also maintains the 357-acre Scott Arboretum, a beautiful park open to the public without charge.

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The Head Nut

This store provides a wide variety of dried fruits, nuts, candies, cookies, crackers and other snack foods. They also have freshly roasted coffee beans and other bulk items. [http://www.swarthmorepa.org/businesses/members_detail.asp?DirectoryID=105] {{dead link|May 2016}}

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Cheng Hing

Local take-out chinese place serving typical "Americanized" chinese food. Popular with Swarthmore College students.

Swarthmore Co-Op

A grocery store specializing in high-quality (but expensive) food. Owned by community members as a Co-Op.

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Swarthmore Pizza

Local pizza restaurant with a family friendly atmosphere

Renato's Pizza

A pizzeria located in the "village" of Swarthmore.

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