Sur is a city in Central Coastal Oman, best known for its dhow shipyards.

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Bawadi Al Ayga

Indian restaurant. A lot of the locals know it but everyone knows where Nadi Sur is so just take a taxi there. Prices are low. about OMR 1-1.5 for a vegetarian dish with rice while anything with meat, depending on the type, runs from OMR 1.3-1.8. They also have "Chinese" food. Friendly staff, largely English speaking from Kerala, very non-intrusive. Male and family sections available.

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Sunaysilah Fort

If the "natour" (guardian) isn't there, just walk up to the fort itself and he'll see you, come sell you a ticket and then sit in the entrance hall while you look around the displays. It is possible to climb all four towers which offer great views of the town. Don't expect much in the way of history or signs.

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Zaki Restaurant

Indian restaurant, with food about the same quality as Bawadi but slightly more expensive. They also have "Chinese" food. The ambiance is extremely noisy. Staff are friendly, and a couple of them speak English. Many Omanis come here with their families, there is a family section in the back of the restaurant.

EAT   —  +968 9946 2367 —  Hwy 23

Spicy Village Restaurant

Primarily Indian food, but also Chinese. Probably the best food in town, it's classy (for Sur). Prices are high for Sur – for a vegetarian dish, expect OMR 2-3 while one with meat should be about OMR 2.5-4. Staff are friendly and helpful, and non-intrusive.

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Fatih Al-Khair

If you are an enthusiast of hand-made wooden boats and ships, this is definitely worth a visit. Several old dhows are on display, the largest of which is the Fatih Al-Khair, built in Sur 150 years ago and now beautifully restored.

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Dhow shipyard

Sur is where authentic dhows are still built in the traditional fashion. NOTE: the locals don't call them "dhows" but rather ''safeena'' (ship) or ''suh-fin'' (ships). If you say "dhow," they'll be perplexed.

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Visitors may find the souq disappointing, as it is filled with everyday Chinese-made goods and Indian-made khangars (daggers).

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Sur Hotel

Basic, with free wi-fi and breakfast, within walking distance of the souq and bus stop.

Al Ayjah Lighthouse

Built by the Portuguese and now fully restored, this building offers good views of Sur.

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Oman National Transport Company

Runs daily buses to and from Muscat (4 hrs 15 min) along Highway 23 via Ibra.

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Sur Beach Hotel Restaurant

Food is okay, not great and a touch more expensive than Spicy Village.

EAT   —  Al Murtefeh

Bilad Sur Fort

Built 200 years ago, the fortress is currently closed for renovation.

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Dhow models

Dhow models of various sizes, made by the shipwrights, are for sale.

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Fish market

Visitors can watch fishermen unload and sell the catch of the day.

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Sur Plaza Hotel

Has wi-fi, pool, and onsite restaurant and bar.

SLEEP   —  +968 25 543777 —  Al Aise St

Al Ayjah Plaza Hotel

Sur's newest hotel, with restaurant next door.

SLEEP   —  +968 25 544433 —  Al Ayjah


A pleasant seaside promenade.

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Al Hamooda Fort

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About Sur

Sur was founded in the 6th century CE as a trading port and has a long history of ship building, continuing to the present day. In addition to being an interesting destination in its own right, it makes a good base for day trips to Wadi Shab, Wadi Tiwi, and Ras al-Jinz.

Source: wikivoyage