Kungsholmen is an island-borough just west of central Stockholm, where the Stockholm City Hall, Stockholms stadshus, is a dominant landmark.

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Stockholm City Hall

The city hall, where the Nobel Prize Banquet takes place every year, is an imposing brick building in the city centre. Guided tours are held daily, and allow you to see the impressive halls used for the Nobel festivities, the Blue Hall and the Golden Hall. The '''tower''' offers a great view of the Old Town and can be climbed (optionally, a lift can take you half the way). To avoid congestion and crowding, you have to get tickets in advance.

SEE   —  Hantverkargatan 1

Courtyard Stockholm Kungsholmen

The only Marriott hotel in Stockholm. Rooms with internet, aircon, coffee maker, ironing board, fridge and safe. The hotel has a fitness centre and a restaurant with local and international cuisine. Expensive parking at 295 SEK.


Maybe on the expensive side of what constitutes mid-range, but this refined food court concept in a beautiful Kungsholmen quay location offers large portions of really tasty food in a variety of styles. Mains 175-260 SEK.


In a waterside location on one of Stockholm’s smaller islands, Lux offers both a relaxed atmosphere and some very good modern cooking. Mains 315-345 SEK, tasting menu 940 SEK. One ''Guide Michelin'' star.


Cheap beer, 30 SEK for a 500 ml bottle of Norrlands Guld or another local ale. There is a nightclub opposite which most of the young locals seem to disappear into when this place closes.

DRINK   —  S:t Eriksgatan 53 A

Kristineberg Palace

Built around 1750 by the merchant R. Schröder, with a beautiful park. Today used partially as a school and partially as dwelling, though you can still watch it from the outside.

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A café inside the impressive district courthouse, ''Stockholms tingsrätt''. A metal detector (for courtroom security) at the entrance might deter some guests.

EAT   —  Scheelegatan 7

Stockholm Court House

The courthouse from the turn of the century with its massive tower is regarded as one of the foremost examples of Swedish national romanticism architecture.

SEE   —  Stockholms Rådhus


A shopping mall at the front of a big parking garage, with about a dozen shops. The Thai diner at the top floor has a good view of the neighbourhood.

BUY   —  Lindhagensgatan 118


Located about 10 metres further down the street, with the same owner, it is basically a quieter copy of its brother, Dovas.

DRINK   —  S:t Eriksgatan 53 B

Kungsholmen Church

Not Stockholm's greatest church. However, it is centrally located, still calm and secluded. Occasional concerts.

SEE   —  Map

Café Fix

Stockholm's oldest coffee shop. 25 SEK for coffee, 5 SEK for refill. Nice food.

EAT   —  Sankt Eriksgatan 35


Opened in 2002, Västermalmsgallerian on Kungsholmen is good-looking but relatively small.

BUY   —  Fleminggatan 43

Mäster Anders

French and Swedish cuisine with an emphasis on grilled meats. Mains 145-295 SEK.

Nivå 22

A low-end pub with a roof deck, where one can drink and smoke at the same time.

DRINK   —  Fridhemsgatan 17

Hornsbergs strand

An artificial beach, acclaimed for its design. Crowded at summer.

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The largest beach in inner-city Stockholm is child-friendly.

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STF Fridhemsplan

One of the largest and most modern hostels in Stockholm.


An old-fashioned basement with cheese and wine tasting.

EAT   —  Scheelegatan 3


A casual diner with Swedish and international food.

EAT   —  Hantverkargatan 34

Connect Hotel City

The cheapest rooms are very small and windowless.

Restaurang Ät Gott

A diner with traditional Swedish food.

EAT   —  S:t Göransgatan 74


A self-service café at the waterfront.

EAT   —  Norr Mälarstrand 64


A rocky beach on western Kungsholmen.

DO   —  Map


Food, drinks and boule pétanque.

DO   —  Smedsuddsvägen 2

M/S Monika

A refurbished 1908 sailboat.

Clarion Hotel Amaranten

Rooms with internet.

SLEEP   —  +46 8 6925280 —  Kungsholmsgatan 31

Belman Hostel

A low-cost hostel.

Vilse i Garderoben

Second hand store.

BUY   —  Hantverkargatan 59

About Stockholm/Kungsholmen

The eastern part of Kungsholmen is densely urban, and contains much of Stockholm's legal system: the national police board with the country's largest jail, and the Stockholm district court (''Stockholms tingsrätt''), as well as many government functions, such as the City Hall, and the County Council building. The north-western part of the island is under development, with new hotels, shops and restaurants, as well as residential areas. The islands '''Stora Essingen''' and '''Lilla Essingen''' also belong to the borough. The E4/E20 expressway '''Essingeleden''' runs across these islands, as well as Kungsholmen.

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