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Stepanavan Dendropark

Dendropark is in a surprisingly good shape now. The family caretakers have managed to make a serene landscape here, with interesting plants from different parts of the world. A nice place for walking and relaxing. Founded in 1933 by Polish researcher. There is a restaurant a few hundred metres before the park, there is also a hotel close to the park entrance.

SEE   —  Gyulagarak Village

Khuchapi Monastery

A stunning monastery that is almost impossible to access via Armenia (road goes through Georgia), a hiker could make it to this gorgeous piece of architecture on foot, and would be amply rewarded by the soaring architecture, the stairwells inside the walls, the carvings, the colours of the stone, the setting...

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Laura's B&B

Great place to feel the Armenian hospitality, get information about the whole area, enjoy the fresh air, scenic views of the mountains and still be close from the city centre and Lori Fortress. Dinner can also be provided upon request. Tours can be organized if requested in advance.

Lori Berd Fortress

Once a huge bastion on a piece of land that juts out surrounded by rivers and protected by cliffs. Enough of the walls remain to show what massive fortifications once stood here, and enough of the ceramic underground piping to know they had hot water long before modern times.

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Bus station

It's actually just a square where buses wait for passengers. There is no real station per se where a person can buy tickets. At the same time, there are a few kiosks selling tickets for a long distance buses heading to Russia, e.g. cities of Sochi, Volgograd, Moscow, etc.

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House-museum of Stepan Shahumyan

Built around Shahumyan family's house. Exhibition is mainly dedicated to the life of Shahumyan, however there are a few interesting findings from Lori berd exhibited as well. Besides, second floor is entirely occupied by local art.

Khorakert Monastery

If you make it as far as Khuchapi, you'd be crazy not to continue your hike to Khorakert, a beautiful monastery in a lush forest setting, with a masterpiece of a cupola unique to Armenian architecture.

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Anahit Holiday Hotel

Simple rooms although having one big advantage: located in a forest. Amenities: Hot, cold water, bathing facilities, TV set, phone. Facilities include tennis, billiards, swimming pool, playground.

Hnevank Monastery

Very far down the Dzoraget River, approaching where it hits the Debed Canyon, Hnevank is a nice monastery with interesting black and cream stone patterns, which has undergone recent renovations.

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Cafe Park

The park where all the cafes are, where people go to see and be seen, to drink, to eat sunflower seeds and enjoy good weather.

Central Square fountains

They turn on them every day from 19:00 to 22:00, and accompaned by loud music. This is the time and place when all locals met.

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Lori Hotel

Amenities: hot/cold water, TV, fridge. Some rooms are good with balconies, some are very basic. On-site gym & swimming pool.

Tourist information office

Friendly English-speaking staff can help with accommodations and trip itenaries. Although it was closed in July 2015.

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Vahagn Resort

The hotel has swimming pool, table tennis, billiard, childrens’ playground. Rooms come with TV and free WiFi.

MM Hotel

Nice 2 room suites with TV, fridge, WiFi. They allow to cook in their kitchen, use kitchenware.

Paradise Motel (Draght)

Amenities: cold, hot water, TV. Restaurant, sauna, billiards, tennis, a small lake for fishing.

Dzoraget Canyon

A popular recreational destination with some exceptional views over the river and mountains.

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Kuybishev Lake

Hidden in the heart of Lori's alpine meadows. The lake is covered with lilies and bulrushes.

SEE   —  near Stepanavan

Kurtan’s village museum

Various utilities used in every-day life in 19th century can be see in this museum.

SEE   —  Kurtan village

Market Restaurant

Traditional Armenian fare, khorovats, central, often scene of parties and weddings.

EAT   —  Njhdeh St

Stepan Shahumyan Statue

Statue of Stepan Shahumyan flanked by two orange-coloured tufa stone pillars.

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Beautiful mountain chalet style cafe with great food options and drinks.

EAT   —  +374 99 324300 —  Milion Street

Communist Caves

Served as a secret meeting place for revolutionary Stepan Shahumyan.

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Ruzanna's B&B

House has two rooms available with a balcony and a small garden.

SLEEP   —  +374 93 23 03 20 —  9 Milioni str.

Kilikia Bar

Khorovats, beer, friendly, cheap, soviet atmosphere.

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Surp Nshan chapel

Overlooking the city from the adjacent hill.

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Church of St Nicholas

Russian Church founded in 1846.

SEE   —  Amrakits village

Sverdlov Village Church

A cute old Russian church.

SEE   —  Sverdlov Village

Sochut Resort

Bar, billiard, sauna,

Surp Sarkis Church

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