Southern California

Southern California is a megapolitian area in the southern region of the U.S.

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Greyhound & Curceros-USA

Greyhound operates along I-5 (Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Oceanside, San Diego & Tijuana. Some of the I-5 buses operate non-stop between Los Angeles and San Diego); I-10/15 (Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Indio (nearest stop to Palm Springs) & Blythe some variations of the route continue north from San Bernardino to Barstow & Las Vegas; I-15 (San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Barstow & Las Vegas); US Hwy 101 (Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Santa Cruz); I-8 (San Diego, Calexico/Mexicali, Yuma); SR-111 (San Bernardino, Indio, Coachella and Calexico/Mexicali). They also have buses connecting Long Beach to Los Angeles, Santa Ana and San Diego. Cruceros USA is a subsidiary brand of Greyhound Mexico for cross-border travel between the U.S. and Mexico.

OTHER   —  +1 213 629-8401 —  Map

InterCalifornias/Aeromexico Shuttle

Buses travel along I-5 between Los Angeles, Santa Ana, San Ysidro & Tijuana; SR60/I-215/15 between Los Angeles, Moreno Valley, Perris, Temecula, Escondido, San Ysidro, Tijuana; I-10/SR111 between Los Angeles, Coachella, Calexico & Mexicali; US-101 to Oxnard

GO   —  +1 213 629-4885 —  Map

Hoang Express

Travels between SoCal (San Diego, El Monte, Los Angeles, Westminster); northern California (San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and Sacramento) and Arizona (Phoenix, Chandler and Tempe). They also have additional stops in Westminster and El Monte.

GO   —  +1 714 839-3500 —  Map

Rapid Connections LLC

Buses travel along I-5 between Los Angeles, Santa Ana, San Ysidro & Tijuana.

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Santa Barbara Airbus

Connects LAX to Carpinteria, Santa Barbara and Goleta.

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About Southern California

Southern California is famous for the movie industry around LA (and if you explore a bit you are bound to find "exotic" locales from many a movie that were filmed in Southern California due to the proximity) and also for its sheer amount of freeways and highways. Southern Californians stereotypically spend most of their time when they meet each other talking about how horrible the traffic getting there was and how horrible the traffic getting back will be. Despite that its world class cities and suburbs continue to attract a wide variety of people from all over the country and abroad to live and vacation due to the pleasant climate and diverse landscapes with many natural and cultural attractions just a short (depending on congestion) drive away. Even though you can swim in the Pacific its cold currents make it somewhat less pleasant than you might think.


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