Sokone is a town in the Fatick administrative region of Central Senegal.

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Les Calaos du Saloum

This campment, found just outside of the Sokone, overlooks the Sine Saloum river and mangroves. An ideal place to relax and be cooled by the river breezes with an idyllic view. But the town is also a short walk or charette ride away or talk to the manager to arrange a fishing trip, kayaking, or other activities. There are three cabins which can hold up to two people and another two are being constructed. All the rooms have a private bathroom with a shower and a western toilet and are furnished with mosquito nets and fans.

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Touris Jokkoo

For those who really want to experience the Senegalese culture and get to know the locals, GIE Touris Jokkoo arranges home stays with local families. Tourists spend the night with a family and eat some of their meals with their hosts. During the day Jokkoo arranges outings such as pirogue trips, visits to the sacred baobab, and many other activities as requested by the visitors. Tourists are provided with a private room equipped with a mosquito net in a family's compound.

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L'Auberge du Delta

A quiet, unassuming campement located within the town just a short walk from the river. If one wants to explore the town and get to know the locals, this is the place to stay because the owner will be more than happy to help arrange visits to local groups and establishments. This campement has three cabins, each with a western bathrooms and mosquito nets and fans.

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Les Barricudas

This campement is located outside of Sokone, on the edge of the river. This campment is geared towards hunting, fishing, and other out door activities. But they can also arrange cultural visits to nearby villages for those who are interested. The campment consists of five cabins as well as a bar/restaurant and a pool.

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Fadidi Niombato

Located across the river from Sokone, this campement partners with local villages to allow tourists to experience village life while sharing some of the profits with the villages for community projects. There are 18 rooms with private western bathrooms, a bar/restaurant, and a conference room.

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Le Caiman

This hotel located on the main road at the edge of town arranges nature and cultural excursions in Sokone as well as the wider region. They also specialize in arranging fishing and hunting expeditions. The campus consists of 17 rooms, with fans or air conditioning, a restaurant, and a pool.

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Campement Touristique de Badoudou

This campement is located about seven kilometers from Sokone, just outside the village of Badoudou. Nestled between the brousse and the river, it's the perfect place to relax or explore nature. There is a bar/restaurant and hall along with the numerous rooms.

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About Sokone

Sokone is a tranquil town on the Southeastern Sine-Saloum Delta amid the mangroves. Located on the road from Kaolack to Banjul, just 50km south of Kaolack and 66km north of Banjul, it is an ideal place to stop and relax when traveling between the two larger cities. During the colonial period, the town was a peanut port and the old warehouses can still be seen around town along with a large number of peanut fields in the surrounding country side. Along with peanuts, millet, cashews, and many fruits and vegetables are grown. Agriculture and fishing continue to be the main economic activities in the area. The dominant ethnic group in the area is the Sereer people, followed by the Wolof, Pulaars, and Mandinkas. Wolof and Sereer are the most commonly heard languages, but many people in the town speak French as well.


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