Shunde (顺德; Shùndé) is a city near Foshan, in Guangdong Province in China.

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Friends Club

A fabulous place to watch the stage show, dance, and play dice, the most popular drinking game in Shunde. A hint: buy beer by the dozen, it is much cheaper!

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A lane with many pubs/ KTVs

A road with lined up with KTVs and clubs, alongside a canal. Be it wine, cocktails or beer, they have all to offer.

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New World Shunde Hotel

About Shunde

Shunde is well-known in the Guangdong province as a place with great Chinese food. Its population and economy is starting to grow and its rapid economic growth is mainly due to furniture production while increase in population is due to an influx of workers. With this influx of people seeking work, there has been an increase in popular services like body massage, foot massage and spas.


Source: wikivoyage