thumb|right|300px|The village of Shorzha as seen from the Artanish Peninsula.

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This luxury western hotel is built in the village of Tsapatagh, about a 15-20 minute walk from the lake. With a hot tub and traditional restaurant also in the village, this is a place where expats and tourists tend to get away from the hustle of Yerevan.

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Painters Rest House

Very popular, and usually booked well in advance, the painters rest house is a simple and reasonable place to stay, with full board. Guests don't have to be painters, and the place attracts many of Armenia's old school hip intelligentsia.

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If you make it out to the area, hiking to the tip of the peninsula gives you a rewarding view and a good place to take a swim or a nap.

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The water here is cleaner and many say warmer - still a relative term. The beaches are usually all yours.

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There are no fences, and great rolling hills, with nice views of the lake.

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About Shorzha

Shorzha is on the distant shore of Lake Sevan, with some very nice views and shoreline. For many years, people have come here for quiet, relaxation and contemplation. The party crowd sticks to the opposite shore and peninsula, known as Kghzi. The hills and shore are great for hiking, camping and swimming. They even say the cold waters of the lake are a bit warmer on this side. The border with Azerbaijan can be relatively close, depending on where you are, so check your maps before marching due east!


Source: wikivoyage