Shkodra is the fourth largest city in Albania. Recently, it has experienced a face lift as streets and buildings were renovated, a promenade opened and a new swing bridge built over the Buna River.

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Five Heroes monument

This was "one of Albania's best examples of socialist-realist sculpture". Unfortunately, it was removed from there and replaced by a bland contemporary fountain. The monument was temporarily dumped at the city's garbage dump, only to be finally put back at the Dobrac Roundabout in the northern entrance of Shkodra. The site is still a useful reference point for finding your way around. Interestingly, the fountain is surrounded by seating, in the centre of a busy roundabout called Sheshi Demokracia (Democracy Square) with no pedestrian crossings! Only in Albania!

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Shurdhah Island

It is located in the Vau i Dejës Reservoir, which is fed and drained by the river Drin. It is accessible by tourist boat in summer from the Vau i Dejës dam or Rragam. It contains the ruins of the medieval town of Sarda. You can visit the ruins of the 11th century medieval castle, which includes two rings of defensive walls and towers (some sadly submerged in the lake), the remains of a Byzantine church and other early medieval walls. The setting on the steep rocks rising from the lake is especially impressive.

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Kalaja/Rozafa Fortress

Founded by the Illyrians, rebuilt by the Venitians and the Ottomans. Rozafa is a woman buried in the ramparts, who supports the structure. The renovated museum inside the castle explains its history and that the area of the former city is now consumed by the rivers beside the castle. The museum cost 200 Leks extra and there is a private guide you can ask about almost everything. There are amazing views from the highest point.

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Florian's Guest House

Small B&B/Guest House run by Florian and his family, located amongst orchards and vineyards. Outside, but within walking distance from the centre of Shkoder. Breakfast is included, lunch and dinner offered for 4 Euros, serving Albanian cuisine made from organic food farmed in the own garden. Family can help to arrange tours of Shkoder and to get into the Albanian Alps or to other cities in the country. 12 beds.

Belvedere Apartment

Holiday and short-stay apartment near main square "Sheshi Demokracia". The apartment is fully furnished and features a fully-equipped kitchen. The 80m2 living space includes: one bedroom, one living room with open kitchen, a bathroom, hall and a balcony. The balcony offers you a great panoramic view over the city, castle and mountains.

Buses departing to Tirana and Durrës

Majority of buses depart from the main city square with a fountain (called Sheshi Demokracia). This includes buses/furgons to '''Tirana''' that leave every round hour, journey lasts for 2 hour (116km) and costs 500 lek [2014]. Also there are direct buses to '''Durrës''' (avoiding Tirana), 700 lek.

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Lake Shkodra

The largest lake in the Balkans. Take a taxi to the village of Shiroke. Alternatively ask around for the public bus which goes to the edge of the city, where it is a pleasant 5 km walk by the lake to Shiroke. There is a less frequent bus directly to Shiroke.

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San Francisco Bar & Restorant

Proper restaurant look and feel. Pretty extensive menu. Some portions are huge, some don't. Quality of food varies a lot, from superb to simply uneatable. It has second floor terrace.

EAT   —  Rruga Kolë Idromeno

Furgons to Velipojë

2 blocks south-west along Rruga studenti, about 10 min walk from Sheshi Demokracia there is a small furgon station from where they depart to nearby coastal village '''Velipojë'''.

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Drisht Castle

Is a ruined castle. The earliest traces of fortifications date to the late Neolithic era. The current walls and towers date to 1396-1478 during the Venetian era. I

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Hotel Argenti

Modern hotel in Velipoja area with comfortable rooms furnished with A/C, TV, bathroom and showers. Restaurant with traditional Albanian and European cuisine.

SLEEP   —  +355 22 439 09 —  Map

Museum of Memory

Museum dedicated to the crimes of the communist regime in Albania featuring photographs, videos, and first hand accounts of political prisoners from Shkodra.

SEE   —  Bulevardi Skenderbeu

Hotel Rozafa

Old communist style hotel; clean; gentle and English-speaking personal; nice view over the city if you book in an upper floor; 91 rooms; no air condition.

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Furgons to Kelmend and Thethi

To catch a furgon to '''Albanian Alps''' head 2 km north of Sheshi Demokracia. There is a gathering point for transport going to Kelmend and Thethi.

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Take part in annual festivals such as Carnival, Childrens Festival, AniFest Rozafa Animated Film Festival, Lake Day, and Shkodra Jazz Fest.

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Shkodra Historical Museum

The Museum is situated at a traditional Shkodran House featuring valuable artifacts on every sphere of social life in the area.


Upscale as for Albanian standards restaurant. Serves delicious food including fish. Nice atmosphere. Sits in a small garden.

EAT   —  Rruga e Molos

Traditional Plays Festival

Take part in the annual festival showcasing the best of the North Albanian Folklore every end of March at Rozafa Castle.

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Kolë Idromeno St.

Take a walk on the main pedestrian street of the city full of cafes and locals promenading in the evening hours.

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Hotel Tradita

As close as it gets to being invited to the dining hall, the kitchen and courtyard of the local Ottoman Pasha.

Camping Lake Shkodra Resort

Modern campsite 8km from Shkodra with Restaurant, Wifi and access to lake. Organises Tours to Thethi

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Green tavern

A little bit of club atmosphere, but nonetheless very ambient. Pizzas, pastas, salads. Quite tasty

EAT   —  Rruga Kolë Idromeno

Mes Bridge

Bridge that was built in the 18th century by Kara Mahmud Bushati, the local Ottoman pasha.

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Hotel Kaduku

Highly recommended - friendly staff, large clean room with A/C, right in the city centre.

SLEEP   —  +355 22 242216 —  Map

Shkoder Tourist Info Center

Provide city maps and can help with any of your inquiries, including bus time schedules.

OTHER   —  Rruga Teuta

Cafe Oraldi

Superb cakes. Definitely one of the best in Albania. Extremely popular with locals.

EAT   —  068 274 6492 —  Parruce

Molo Promenade

Romantic renovated promenade along the riverside.

DO   —  Shetitorja Molos

Grand Hotel Europa

Prestigious luxury hotel. 50 rooms.

SLEEP   —  +355 22 241 211 —  Sheshi 2 Prilli

Hotel Colosseo

14 rooms.

SLEEP   —  Rr.

Shkodër Cathedral

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Ebu Beker Mosque

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Fretënve Church

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Furgons to Koman

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