Sant Boi de Llobregat

Sant Boi is a city near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in the south of Catalonia, 11 km from the biggest city, Barcelona. It has a population of 80,000.

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La Muntanyeta Park

the biggest park of Sant Boi. There is a lake, a swimming pool, restaurants, skating rink, auditorium, picnic place, and roads for walking around and riding by bicycle. Near the park, two years ago, the big public library was built, which has big windows, a lot of books and computers, and a good restaurant.

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Saint Ramon hermitage

One of the nicest views of Sant Boi is at night: the church reflected on the Llobregat river and the illuminated hermitage hung in the sky (the mountain is not visible).

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Saint Baldiri church

Built in the 13th century. From this, you have a very nice view you can see the Llobregat river and the bridge of AVE

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Rafael Casanova’s tomb

Rafael Casanova died and was buried here

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The Roman Baths and Museum

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About Sant Boi de Llobregat

The weather is Mediterranean, with hot summers and soft winters; it usually rains in spring and in autumn.


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