San Marcos La Laguna

San Marcos La Laguna is a quiet town on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala. The town has become a resort for all things spiritual, with several meditation, yoga, and massage centers.

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El Dragón

Specializing in Argentinean-style grilled meats, gourmet burgers and pizza, European-inspired dishes, and tantalizing desserts. Vegetarian options also available. Very outside the norm for San Marcos because of their many meat options, European aesthetic and commitment to high-level cuisine. Definitely a place worth going before leaving San Marcos. A bit hard to find but they have a pathway leading from Hostal del Lago straight into the restaurant. Or you can use the entrance to the property connected to the dirt soccer field in the far corner closest to the lake.

Hostal del Lago

Ask for Mr. Lico. This place is like your home at Atitlan because you can cook your own food if you don't want to spend at restaurants. You have access from the street to the lake and you can park your car in the backyard of the hostel. There is a temascal (mayan version of sauna) 30 feet near the lake so you can take a bath and then jump to the lake from the private dock. Nowhere else you will be able to do this. Also it is very quiet, far enough from public noise. Bring your book and read alongside the lake or in one of the hammocks with lake view.

SLEEP   —  +502 5898-9660 —  Map

Hotel Aaculaax

At this little ecolodge each room is unique, built into the steep hillside, and decorated with recycled glass and murals. Great soft bedding and excellent beds even in the budget rooms. They only take reservations for the high end rooms from $65 and up. It is the most luxurious and interesting place to stay in San Marcos. Great massages by Stephanie on-site as well. Excellent restaurant for breakfast.

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Hotel The Retreat

Bed and breakfast in individual thatched huts, and a spiritual retreat centre. Set on its own mountain overlooking Lake Atitlan. Five minute walk to the village. Place of Silence and Meditation.

Akab'al Spanish School

Study in a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere surrounded by nature.

DO   —  +502 41 44 06 12 —  Map


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