Ruhnu is a small island in Estonia, isolated from the rest of the country in the Gulf of Riga. The island is called Runö in Swedish.

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Ruhnu's New Church

The new church was built only two meters from the old wooden church. The walls of the church are made from rocks and the church tower from wood. The church bell is one of the oldest in Estonia.

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Liise's Accommodation

Accomodation: – 36 people; Catering: – upto 50 people; Store (Food and drink; Card; Free WiFi; Excursions; Transport on the island; Smoked fish, Craft workshop.

Buldersi talu

Accommodation: - 27 people; Catering; Camping; Sauna; Excursions; Bicycle rent, Fishing, Smoked fish;Transport on island.

Ruhnu lighthouse

Made in France in 1877. According to rumours, it was designed by Gustave Eiffel (known for Eiffel Tower).

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St. Madeline's Church in Ruhnu

It's the oldest known wooden building still standing in Estonia - its construction was started in 1643.

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Tiigi Talu

Accomodation: – 23 people; Catering: – up to 50 people; Sauna; Excursions; Camping.

Ruhnu Holiday House

place for 5 people

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Ruhnu üürimajad

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Limo Sauna

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About Ruhnu

Prior to 1944 the island was populated by ethnic Swedes for centuries and traditional Swedish law was used. Ruhnu has currently less than 100, mostly ethnic Estonian permanent inhabitants who like to keep to themselves.

Source: wikivoyage