Riverside is a city in Riverside County in California. With a population of over 300,000, the city plays host to a diverse cross-section of people and has a rich history.

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Mount Rubidoux City Park

For a panoramic view of the city, try climbing Mt. Rubidoux! Well…to say climb is a bit strong. The route up Mt. Rubidoux is a steady, sometimes-paved but mostly sandy incline lined with tall, prickly pear cactus and humongous rocks. A steady gait makes for about an hour round trip. Don’t forget to bring a camera. If it’s a clear day, one can see clear into nearby Corona to the West and Moreno Valley to the East. The sunsets from this vantage are beautiful, too! Be sure you are able to make it down before the sky gets too dark though as there are '''no''' lights lining the path. Also, bringing a bottle of water is a good idea as there are currently no fountains or vending machines anywhere on or around the mountain. The entrance to the park is in a residential area. The park entrance is at the west end of 9th street, under a large iron gate. Parking is extremely limited in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

UCR Culver Center for the Arts

The newly-renovated UCR Culver Center for the Arts contains two institutions: the Sweeney Gallery, which shows a rotating collection of artistic endeavours from various, often UCR-affiliated, artists; and the UCR-California Museum of Photography, which offers a collection showcasing the artistic and historical uses that photography has been put to over the years. Admission covers both institutions. There is also a performance space in the center which showcases artistic and independent films.

SEE   —  +1 951 827-3755 —  3834 Main St

The California Citrus State Historic Park

This park provides a look back to the time when orange groves dominated what is now the city of Riverside, and reminds us where Orange County got it's name. A small museum resides at the center of this park, surrounded by a working citrus orchard. If you go, be sure to pick up a sack of fresh oranges, which should run you around $4–5. Riverside is the birthplace of the naval orange, and we still do it best.

The Original Naval Orange Tree

Speaking of that "birthplace of the naval orange" stuff, the original naval orange tree, to which all other naval orange trees trace their lineage, is still growing. It's on a traffic island on the corner of Magnolia and Arlington. There's a bench and a marker, and you can pick oranges off it- if any are ripe. Just don't take them all, it's rude.

The UCR Botanical Gardens

These impressive botanical gardens are hidden in the hills above campus. They are usually lightly-visited and offer fantastic views of the city, as well as a large collection of exotic flora. Parking is highly limited, and metered at $0.50/hour.

Historic Mission Inn

The glorious historic Mission Inn is one of the great landmarks of California, with many quirky architectural features and featuring a pool and spa and three restaurants. Tours are offered of the Mission Inn for a fee.

The Mission Inn Museum

Located on the ground floor of the historic Mission Inn, this space showcases the history of the building, including a chair crafted for the legendarily girthy President Taft.

SEE   —  +1 951 788-9556 —  3696 Main St

The Riverside Metropolitan Museum

The museum rotating exhibits on various topics and standing exhibits on local history, geography and culture. It's a half-hour's walk-through, but well worth the price.


Located next to Lounge Thirty-Three, this is a great Irish Pub. Bands perform select nights of the week. (bus routes 1, 10, 12, 13, 14 and 20)

DRINK   —  3639 Riverside Plaza Dr

Lounge Thirty-Three

Riverside's Ultra-Lounge serves up some great cocktails and has a great DJ most nights of the week. (bus routes 1, 10, 12, 13, 14 and 20)

The Riverside Art Museum

The museum has rotating exhibits featuring a variety of local artists, including projects from the University of California-Riverside.

The Yard House

The Yard House is an excellent choice for a beverage or two. (bus routes 1, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 21, 27, 216)

DRINK   —  3775 Tyler St

El Torito Restaurant

The bar is a pretty good size and they have karoake nights and Taco Tuesday at this location. (bus route 1)

DRINK   —  3740 Park Sierra Dr

Comfort Inn Riverside

Free deluxe breakfast, Free WiFi, business center, and spacious parking for tour groups/buses.

Getaway Cafe

The college pub (beer & wine, but delicious pub grub). (bus lines 1, 16, 51, late-night 53)

Sire Restaurant

A total neighborhood dive bar. (bus lines 1, 13 and 15)

DRINK   —  6440 Magnolia Ave

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