Rauma (Finnish) or Raumo (Swedish) is a town in Satakunta. The wooden houses in the center of the old town are a UNESCO World Heritage site, as is the Bronze Age burial site Sammallahdenmäki about 20 km east of downtown.

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A Bronze Age burial site in the village of Kivikylä, well signposted off Highway 12 between Rauma and Tampere. While a UNESCO World Heritage Site of great archaeological significance, it's not all that much to look at, being composed of just 36 piles of stone of varying shapes and sizes. Guided tours starting from the parking lot are available Mon-Fri in the summer peak season (June-August) for a token €2/person.

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Rauma Lace Week

perhaps the best time to visit Rauma if you want to see something special. The usual time for Lace Week is at the end of July. You should check the dates from City of Rauma website. One of the nights is themed the Night of Black Lace (mustan pitsin yö), which starts as a cultural happening and usually degrades very quickly into a massive (on local scale) bar-crawling exercise.

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Ice skating

An indoor rink is available for ice skating about twice a week, except in the summer. In winter, there are also a dozen outdoor rinks of various quality levels. You need to bring your own skates. More information from the town website, [http://www.rauma.fi/kuva/liikunta/] {{dead link|April 2016}}

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The Observation tower

Also functioning as the city's water tower, has a beautiful manufactured waterfall on its grounds, and the view from the observation level cafe up on the water tower is likewise beautiful. Rauma souvenirs are sold at the water tower (as well as in the town centre). There is a small entrance fee.

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Olkiluoto nuclear power plant

Olkiluoto nuclear power plant is located near Rauma. The visitor centre of the power plant is open practically every day, and at times there is also free bus transport to and from Rauma to the visitor centre. Visitors must present a passport or an identity card for access.

Ice hockey

Rauma's ice hockey team [http://www.raumanlukko.fi Lukko] is in Finland's top league. Home games are played in winter at the Äijänsuo arena (Kivikylän tuhtitupa). Tickets from [http://www.lippupalvelu.fi Lippupalvelu]. The traditional arch-enemy is Ässät, a team from Pori.

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Otanlahti Beach

This is fairly long stretch of sandy beach located a few kilometres out of town. Beach volleyball and swimming are popular. Also, this is where the annual RMJ festival was held until 2007, after which it was moved to Pori.

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Poroholma Camping

Open in summer 15 May - 31 August. A nice camping ground located by the seaside in Otanlahti. You can sleep in a hostel dormitory, cabin, your campervan or your tent. Also has a guest harbour if you're arriving by boat.

SLEEP   —  +358 2-83882500 —  Poroholmantie

Kirsti’s house

A typical building in Old Rauma built in the 18th century. It presents the living conditions and life of the 19th and 20th century. Inhabitants have included sailors, bobbin lace makers, a blacksmith and a firefighter.

SEE   —  +358 2 834 3529 —  Pohjankatu 3

Kylmäpihlajan majakka

A seafood restaurant at the Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse off the coast of Rauma, open daily between 9th of June and 12th of August (2012). You need a boat to get there, see listings under the archipelago of Rauma.

Apollo Live Club

Located at Best Western Hotel Raumanlinna. Probably the longest-running of clubs in Rauma, although has changed name and ownership several times during the years. Currently run by the SK-ravintolat chain.

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A visit to a swimming hall (25 metre lanes, sauna) will cost a few euros. In the summertime, open-air swimming pool at Otanlahti Sports Centre (Otanlahti Beach), Suvitie.


Cross-country skiing in winter at Lähdepelto. Cross-country skiing routes of up to 6 km in winter, lighted until 22. In summer, a nice place to go for a run in a forest.

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Rauman Pellava ja Pitsi

You can buy original and famous Rauma Lace in Rauman Pellava ja Pitsi and there are also other genuine Rauma handicrafts, textiles and handicrafts available.

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Alfred Kordelin’s Burial Chapel & the Old Cemetery

This beautiful chapel was built by Kordelin's family and donated to the parish. It is situated in a very peaceful setting in the middle of the Old Cemetery.

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A beautiful museum presenting the home of a ship-owner from the turn of the 20th century, at the culmination of Rauma seafaring skill.

SEE   —  +358 2 834 3528 —  Kauppakatu 24

Former Town Hall & Lönnström Art Museum

In the Center of Old Rauma, the Town Hall now hosts exhibitions of fine art, design, photography, architecture and environmental art.

SEE   —  +358 2 838 74700 —  Valtakatu 7

The Ruins of the Church of the Holy Trinity

Built in the 15th century as the parish church, it was destroyed in a fire in 1640. Nowadays it is a peaceful setting amidst a park.

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Church of the Holy Cross

Originally a Franciscan monastery, now a Lutheran church, built in the 15th century. Medieval wall and ceiling paintings.

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A wooden tower overlooking the Syväraumanlahti bay with a Tourist Information Centre offering info about island cruises.

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Rauma Art Museum

Exhibitions focusing on the Rauma region and the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. [http://www.raumantaidemuseo.fi/]

Hotel Vanha Rauma

A hotel right in the heart of Old Rauma. Includes a restaurant. Earlier known as Hotel Kalatori and Kalatorin Majatalo.

Rauma Biennale Balticum

A biennial showcase of art around the Baltic Sea, in June-September, every even-numbered year.

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Café Sali

Old Rauma. Sleek interior. Probably your best bet if you want a decent espresso based drink.

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Was previously a military area and still has old 152-millimetre coastal artillery cannons.

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Rauma City Theater is a Finnish-language theater. For program, see the home pages.


Shows how an old, culturally significant log house is renovated and maintained.

SEE   —  Eteläpitkäkatu 17

Haus Anna Bed & Breakfast

A B&B near central Rauma. Offers a few rooms and breakfast. Clean facilities.

SLEEP   —  +358 2-8228223 —  Satamakatu 7

The potter's workshop

The workroom and home of a stove tile maker from the early 20th century.

SEE   —  +358 2 533 5526 —  Nummenkatu 12


Free seaside public saunas a couple of times a week from June to August.

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Faux-Irish chain pub, but one of the better choices in terms of beer.

DRINK   —  +358 2-8240431 —  Valtakatu 4

Rauma Blues

A small blues festival, often with some world-class artists, in July.

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Burgers, fajitas, burritos, steaks and other treats in Texas style.

EAT   —  +358 2 8330 530 —  Savilankatu 1

Rauma Summer Jazz

A small jazz festival with bands from around Finland, in August.

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Summer Hotel Rauma

Open only in summer 1.6. - 31.8. A nice hostel near the center.

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On those rainy days you can catch a movie at Iso-Hannu Cinema.

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Is an island with a lighthouse that operates as a hotel.

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There's an 18-hole golf course (Ala-Pomppustentie 20).

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Augustin Paviljonki

A salon in Poroholma. Includes restaurant and café.

DRINK   —  +358 2 533 5522 —  Poroholma


A hotel pub with a moderately good beer selection.

DRINK   —  +358 2-5330857 —  Valtakatu 3


Finnish underground rock, free entrance, in June.

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Rauma Maritime Museum

Exhibitions about the history of seafaring.

SEE   —  +358 2 822 4911 —  Kalliokatu 34


Café along with gas station for boats

DRINK   —  +358 40 563 3432 —  Suvitie

Public Corner

Chain pub, moderately good selection.

DRINK   —  +358 2-8227989 —  Savilankatu 1

Blue Sea Film Festival

An annual film festival, in August.

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Kontion konditoria

Old Rauma. Nice terrace in summer.


Island groves can be seen here.

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Snack House

Also servers steaks and pasta.


Classical music, in August.

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Rauma's youngest pizzeria

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Osteria Da Filippo

Italian-type restaurant.

EAT   —  +358 440639824 —  Kauppakatu 20

Café Passion

Large terrace in summer.

DRINK   —  +358 2 822 8888 —  Valtakatu 2 B


Café with a terrace.

DRINK   —  +358 2 533 5522 —  Poroholma

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