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Rakvere Order Castle

Completed in the first half of the 16th century, this castle is a great place to visit, with concerts, events such as archery, guided tours, the notorious "hell" chamber and you can also eat and drink here, meals are faithful medieval recipes with no potatoes!

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Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity

is a late medieval church with an unusually high and slender spire that was built in the 17th century. Grave marker of Bishop Arnoldus H. Annabat. Eye-catching Baroque fretwork masterpieces – the pulpit and altar wall.

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Kära Kants

Heavy Metal/Rock Bar, in the basement not far of a walk from the castle, popular with bikers and headbangers. Has a pool table and a great selection of beer. Great atmosphere on weekends but is open all week.

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Orthodox Church of the Nativiy of Theotokos

Contains the holy remains of the martyred priest Sergei Florinski, which are the only public holy remains in Estonia.

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"Tarvas" sculptire

It’s considered to be the largest animal statue in the Baltics.

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Rakvere's town square

is probably the most modern in Estonia.

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Kohala Manor

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The Cement Museum

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