Rajshahi is the capital of Rajshahi Division in Bangladesh.

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Varendra Research Museum

Established in 1910, the museum is dedicated to ancient history and culture. It is recognised as the oldest museum in the country. It has a rich collection of artefacts, relating to Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim heritage. Some of these date back to the 16th century. It is maintained by the University, located in the heart of town.

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Shrine of Hazrat Shah Makhdum(Rh.)

A Majar (shrine) was established to mark the resting place of Hazrat Shah Makhdum in 1635 AD. He was the first preacher of Islam in the region. Legend has it that he arrived by riding down the Padma on 2 crocodiles. To preserve this myth, some crocodiles are kept in the pond next to the shrine.

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From this area massive mango tree garden area of Rajshahi starts. Anyone can have a glimpse of famous mangoe's tree of Rajshahi from this area. The area is at the west part of the city, near to Rajshahi court railway station.

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Rajshahi University

You must see this well-planned beautiful green campus before leaving Rajshahi. It is within a few kilometers from the city centre and easily accessible.

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Central Park and Zoo

The park is a wide area with lush green trees and grass. The zoo houses a variety of different animal species. It is located by the bank of river Padma.

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Rajshahi University

You must see this well-planned beautiful green campus before leaving Rajshahi. It is within a few kilometers from the city centre and easily accessible.

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Shahid Zia Park

An amusement park for pleasure. It has mono rail, bumping cars and many other exciting things for amusement. It is under the Rajshahi City Corporation.

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Banks of the Padma

A lovely sight of one of the largest rivers in South Asia. During the Monsoon season, the water level rises, along with its beauty.

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Santal Para

Located inside the Mahish-Bathan Area. Some santal tribes people lives here. Anyone can have a look to their tribal life.

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Bagha Mosque

A historical mosque situated in Bagha of Rajshahi. There is a picture of this mosque in one side of 50 taka note.

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Hotel Century

This is one of the nice hotels in Rajshahi. Price is cheap here with Air-Conditioned Rooms and Parking.

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Puthia Palace

Situated a little far away from the city. Its an ancient palace which attracts all to visit.

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Red Castle Inn

One of the better places in town. However, backup generator cannot run air conditioning.

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The oldest part of Rajshahi City, consisting most of oldest (70-100 year old) buildings.

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Hotel Mukta International

Renovation is going on at the moment (March 2012) A/C room cost 1200.

SLEEP   —  +880 1726-628629 —  Batar Mor

RDA Market, Shaheb Bazaar

(The oldest market of the city)

Hotel Galaxy

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Way Home

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About Rajshahi

Rajshahi is the capital of Rajshahi District and Division in northwestern Bangladesh. The Rajshahi municipality was established in 1876, one of the first in Bangladesh. There is a total population of 700,000 people. One of the major rivers of the Indian subcontinent, the Padma, runs along the southern end of the city. The city is home to many educational institutions, leading to a large student population and the nickname of "education city". The city is in proximity to many ancient capitals of Bengal, notably 'Lakhnoiti' or 'Lokhnaboti' and 'Pundra'. Rajshahi is famous for trade in many exotic items, including pure silk, mangoes and lychees. Attractive silk products are cheaper in Rajshahi than anywhere else in the country, with the city often referred to as the 'silk city'. There are also a number ancient mosques, shrines and temples in and around Rajshahi. The city of Rajshahi was declared as the happiest city in the world by the World Happiness Survey in 2006.

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