Radicofani is a city in the Val d'Orcia region of Tuscany, Italy.

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La Via Francigena

Radicofani, along the old pilgrimage road, where the Archbishp of Canterbury walked by in 995/999 before the supposed "end of the world year 1.000" Carlo Magno passed by, with his army, and caught ill – (the legend says that he did not die due to a special herb from Monte Amiata) – he continued his conquering up north (approx 860 a.C)

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The Fortress

Home of the fierce warrior "GHINO DI TACCO" known as the Robin Hood of Val d'Orcia (named also in the "Divina Commedia" – Inferno Cantico III) – last stronghold to defend Siena from the Florentine take over in 1566. On a nice clear day, from the top of the tower you can see the top of the tower in Siena.

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The Medicean Villa

Built by Ferdianndo I° de Medeci. Built as a Postal station, hald way between Roma & Firenze, along the antique Cassia road (SSR 2) in a beautiful position with views over the valley "del Paglia"

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The Church of Saint Peter

Dominating the piazza it is a great and refined Romanesque example of the past civilization, with important frescoes and with fine interior and marble floors

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