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The New Town of Prague (Czech: Nové Město) is in the east bank area to the east and south of the Old Town. A large part of New Town that borders Old Town from east (Republic Square lies on the border) and south belongs to Praha 1 district.

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Wenceslas Square

Václavské náměstí is a wide boulevard running down from the '''National Museum''' and it's crammed with bars, restaurants and casinos. It is the heart of central Prague. All three metro lines cross there: line A and C cross at "Muzeum" station (upper part of boulevard next to National Museum), while lines A and B cross at "Můstek" station (middle to lower part of boulevard). Wenceslas Square and the surrounding area was an important place of demonstrations during the Velvet Revolution in 1989. There is a big '''statue of St. Wenceslas''' riding his horse in the upper part of the boulevard. St. Wenceslas is the patron of Czech lands, so this monument was the focal point of the anticommunist demonstrations. Just few dozen meters down from the monument, at the place where Jan Palach burned himself in 1969 in protest against Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia, there is a marble plate in memory of the victims of communism. The St. Wenceslas statue is also a popular meeting point; if somebody in Prague wants to meet ''u koně'' (near the horse) or ''pod ocasem'' (under the horse tail), this place is meant. A notable building is the beautiful '''Hotel Evropa''' in Art Nouveau style (1906) in the middle of the boulevard.

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Mosaic House

A unique blend of 4-star hotel and hostel. Downstairs, the restaurant and bar have a wide variety of local and international food and drink options. It's a blend of style, ecofriendly features, fun, and culture for all ages. Prices range from 250 Kč for a shared room and 1,400 Kč for a private double. Modern, eco-friendly, and centrally located. From shared rooms to private rooms with terraces, all are beautifully designed with cozy linens, gorgeous bathrooms, modern amenities. Also on premises is Belushi's Bar and Restaurant [], which offers great food and drinks and live entertainment. Breakfast is served from 7am through 11:30am, with omelettes and scrambled eggs, pancakes and fresh fruits, fresh breads from their local bakery, coffee and tea. Lunch, dinner, late night eats, and everything in between served until 11pm. You can select from burgers and sandwich options galore, tasty salads, filling appetizers and specialty desserts menu.

SLEEP   —  +420 246 008 324 —  Odboru 4


seat of Czech princes for centuries before Prague Castle was built. Site of St. Paul and Peter's Cathedral, and of the famous Vyšehrad cemetery known as 'Slavín', burial grounds of extraordinary Czechs. Don't forget to visit the casemate of Vyšehrad; they are picturesque, and you can see originals of some statues from Charles Bridge. From the ramparts of Vyšehrad, you'll have an excellent view of Prague castle, Vltava, Smíchov (former workers' slum and industrial quarter of town) and Podskalí (area under Vyšehrad, once inhabited almost entirely by raftsmen). If you take a look from southern rampart, you'll see '''Kavčí hory''', headquarters of Czech Television - rather futuristic building from the 1960s. For closer look to Kavčí hory, take metro line C, station "Pražského povstání".

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National Museum

is a huge nature and history museum in the upper part of Wenceslas Square. The building was designed by prominent Czech neo-renaissance architect Josef Schulz in the years 1885 - 1891. In the older museum, there is an excellent permanent exhibition of various minerals including gems, as well as other interesting exhibitions including insects, fossils, animal skeletons, and stuffed animals from around the world. However, some of the information may be outdated, and the diagrams are not well done. One of the best known pieces is a large whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling, quite unusual in a landlocked country. The building is enormous and the architecture very grand, but the exhibitions in themselves need to be fixed up. The newer museum has exhibitions on communism.

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Atlas Cabaret, Darling Cabaret, Hot Peppers, Club Empire etc. around Wenceslas Square

The area around Wenceslas Square is popular with British stag groups, and there are numerous strip clubs on offer. Groups of young foreign men will be approached in the street by touts offering cheap drinks and women, and they will even trail you from pub to pub if it's a slow night and you haven't take them up on their offers. The strippers are full contact with touching allowed, while the girls in Atlas, Darlings and Empire offer full sex.

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U Fleků

A restaurant that brews it's own fantastic dark, sweet beer. It is the color of Coca-Cola with an alcohol content of 5.5%ABV, but its flavor is not overly strong. The servers will suggest a shot of local herb liqueur, Becherovka, but it won't be free. The atmosphere of this pub gets very rowdy as it is loaded with tourists from all over and bands play regularly. It's a lot of fun with a group.

Botel Racek

A hotel boat on the Vltava river offering rooms and suites, all with private bathroom, TV and phone. There's a Czech restaurant on board and you can enjoy drinks on the deck or in the bar. Botel Racek is ten minutes away from the city centre by tram and has private parking available. Singles/Doubles/Triples/Quads prices vary depending on season, there are last minute offers.


Situated in Wenceslas Square, this club pays $5000 rent per day, and consequently charges an outrageous cover fee to teenage tourists who still think that Prague is the "wild" place it once was in the early 1990s. This club does a good job of keeping the more pleasant clubs in Prague free from tourists who come for Prague's more disreputable aspects.

Hotel Best Western Meteor Plaza

A 4-star hotel located in the City Center on walking distance from all major historical sites. It offers 73 air-conditioned rooms which are all furnished. Amenities include shower and/or bath, WC, hair dryer, satellite/pay TV, wireless high- speed internet access free of charge, IDD telephone, personal safe, coffee/tea maker and mini-bar.

SLEEP   —  +420 224 192 559 —  Hybernska 6

Beer Factory

Novelty pub where you can pour your own beer from the centre of the table. As well as live sport, the giant tv screens show graphics ranking the 15 tables by beer poured. When all of the tables are occupied, the barstaff can get you beers or cocktails from the bar. Food is also available.

Hotel Atlantic

A 3-star hotel located in the City Center on walking distance from all major historical sites. It offers 62 spacious, comfortable rooms, of which 3 have access for disabled people. Rooms are fitted with shower, WC, satellite TV, direct-dial (IDD) telephone, wifi and safety deposit box.

SLEEP   —  +420 224 811 084 —  Na Poříčí 9

Vinarna U Sudu

An incredible wine bar that doesn't look like much from the front, but if you look inside and go in the way back you'll find a huge underground maze of different areas each with their own unique music and vibe. Also conveniently nearby is the crossing point for all night trams.

DRINK   —  Vodičkova 677/10

Miss Sophie's

This designer boutique hotel/hostel is the perfect destination for a quiet getaway in the heart of Prague's New Town. Miss Sophie's offers private hotel rooms, apartments, and shared rooms. Gourmet breakfast is prepared and served daily in brick cellar basement.

SLEEP   —  +420 224 941 163 —  Melounova 3

Hotel Elite

Luxury 4-star hotel on the edge of Old Town and New Town. 78 rooms containing pieces of original antique furniture, A/C, private bathroom, IDD, pay TV, satellite, free WiFi, safety deposit box and a minibar, wellness, hotel garages.

SLEEP   —  +420 211 156 500 —  Ostrovni 32

Dancing House

Officially named the ''Rasin Building''. It is the work of the twentieth century American architect Frank Gehry, and is said to be shaped like a man and a woman dancing; hence its former name "Fred and Ginger".

Cafe Slavia

A coffee tastes even better when accompanied by stunning views of the Vltava and Prague Castle. Cafe Slavia is the perfect place to stop for a coffee or light meal during a day of sightseeing in Castle.

EAT   —  Narodni trida 1

Cafe Louvre

Once frequented by Franz Kafka, this cafe is now a popular hotspot for a Prague locals. Their separate dining room offers French cuisine, for those looking for a different option than Czech food.

EAT   —  Narodni trida 20

Apartments Emma

Apartments from two to four people to rent near Vysehrad castle. Kitchen, internet and no curfew. The host is very helpful for information about public transport, attractions and night life.

SLEEP   —  +420 774 80 77 87 —  Oldrichova 9

Vyšehrad cemetery

Established in 1869 on the grounds of Vyšehrad Castle, it is the final resting place of many famous Czechs like artist Alphonse Mucha and writers Jan Neruda and Karel Čapek.

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Best Prague Hotel House

Apartments where can sleep up to four people with living room, bathroom and kitchen from 2450Kč per night. Higher rates apply during peak season and for more than 2 guests.

Restaurant Zvonice

This romantic restaurant is spread over three levels high up in a Gothic bell tower. If you're lucky, you will get to eat dinner immediately beneath a huge bell.

Hotel Merlin

Three-star accommodation in the center of Prague on the banks of the Vltava River, next to Dancing House near the metro station ''Karlovo náměstí''

SLEEP   —  +420 224 916 555 —  Gorazdova 22


Small bar close to Lazarska, in which you can always find a mix of expats & locals. Live music venue for acoustic acts. Open late.

N11 Music Club and Lounge

This club is named after the infamous "Nine Eleven". Run by natives of the USA, it is a well-run club whose rules are very strict.

Botanical Garden of the Charles University

Botanical garden of the Charles University with valuable outdoor exhibition and a collection of tropical plants in greenhouses.

Havlíčkovy sady

A quiet little park with interesting artificial cave building "Grotta". A good relaxing place nearby city center.

Lucerna Music Bar

Nice, but a little touristy; they play mostly 1980s music (with the accompanying music video on the big screen).

DRINK   —  Vodičkova 36, Praha 1

Pivovarský dům

Microbrewery makes everything from a traditional Czech pilsner to beers flavored with sour cherries or banana.

Radost FX

Vegetarian food. Radost is also a lounge and has a club in the basement, making it a favorite with expats.

Sky Music Bar

Loud bar pumping dance music onto the street. Not much room for dancing. Popular with tourists.

987 Prague Hotel

Skype: hotel987prague1. Just for €1 more get free phone calls to Europe. Free internet.

U Kroka

Charm restaurant with delicious food and reasonable price. Try the double colored beer!

Sports Bar Golden Star

Watch a big variety of sports on big screens, very close to Wenceslas Square.

Jubilee Synagogue

Built in 1906, designed in Moorish Revival form with Art Nouveau decoration.

Deminka Palace Hotel

Located in Prague city center, near the National Museum.

SLEEP   —  +420 224 210 281 —  Skretova 1

Kmotra Pizza

A great, inexpensive pizza place with a relaxed setting.

EAT   —  V Jirchárích 12

Palace Hotel

Luxury five-star hotel just off Wenceslas Square.

SLEEP   —  +420 224 093 111 —  Panská 12

Basilica of St Peter and St Paul

A neo-Gothic church in Vyšehrad fortress.

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Good place for burgers. Free wi-fi.

Solidni Nejistota

Frequented by the Czech yuppie set.

Dahlia Inn

Family-run accommodation.

SLEEP   —  +420 776 686 719 —  Lipova 20

Velvet Revolution Memorial

A simple brass plaque.

SEE   —  Narodni 20

About Prague/New Town and Vysehrad

When the Přemyslid dynasty settled on the current site of Prague Castle, the two castles maintained opposing spheres of influence for approximately two centuries. Like this the second seat of the Czech sovereigns was established on a steep rock directly above the right bank of the Vltava river, in the 10th century. The zenith of Vyšehrad was during the second half of the 11th century, when Vratislav transferred his seat from Prague Castle, and the original fort was remodelled as a complex comprising a sovereign's palatial residence, church and seat of the chapter. The period of growth ended around 1140 when Prince Soběslav moved his seat back to Prague Castle. Under the hill, there are several stunning looking cubist buildings, constructed by architect Josef Chochol in the 1910s.

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