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Kempinski Palace

Five star hotel built in 1910 and reopened in 2008. A tourist attraction by itself.

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Resort hotels in Portorož
Resort hotels in Portorož
Portorož (Italian: Portorose, literally "Port of Roses"), is an Adriatic - Mediterranean coast settlement in the Municipality of Piran in south-west of Slovenia. Its modern development began in the late 19th century with appearance of first health resorts. In the early 20th century it became one of the grandest seaside resorts in Central Europe, along with Opatija, Lido and Grado, then as part of the Austrian Littoral. It is now one of the country's major tourist areas. Located in the centre is the Hotel Palace, once one of the most important resorts for the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, and currently one of the finest hotels between Venice and Dubrovnik.