One Stop Deli

Penns Grove, United States

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The only place in town to eat between the hours of midnight and 6:30, the One Stop Deli is a 24 hour convenience store with a sizable kitchen in the back that takes call-in orders as well as keeping a few hamburgers and hot dogs hot all night long. One can get a hearty, filling sandwich, an order of french fries and a beverage for under $10, and they serve breakfast items as well as lunch/dinner items at all hours of the day and night. Caution, although not overabundant caution, should be exercised when visiting however, as armed robberies of the location occur approximately twice a decade, and cars which are unwisely left running and unattended in the parking lot or out front are driven off every day.

  Directions    96 North Virginia Avenue

Phone: +1 856 299-2222

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