Penns Grove

Penns Grove is in Salem County, in the Delaware River Region of New Jersey.

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One Stop Deli

The only place in town to eat between the hours of midnight and 6:30, the One Stop Deli is a 24 hour convenience store with a sizable kitchen in the back that takes call-in orders as well as keeping a few hamburgers and hot dogs hot all night long. One can get a hearty, filling sandwich, an order of french fries and a beverage for under $10, and they serve breakfast items as well as lunch/dinner items at all hours of the day and night. Caution, although not overabundant caution, should be exercised when visiting however, as armed robberies of the location occur approximately twice a decade, and cars which are unwisely left running and unattended in the parking lot or out front are driven off every day.

Pat's Pizzeria

A local incarnation of a family-owned regional pizzeria chain, Pat's is located immediately adjacent to DiPaolo's Italian Ristorante and caters to clientele whose Italian dining needs are better served by a restaurant more likely to feature a drive-through and Toyotas in the parking lot than Porsches. It's more expensive than the Roman pantry or Andy's (though you can still eat a full dinner for under $15,) and serves less meat on their sandwiches and more dough on their pizzas, but they are the ''only'' place for miles around that one may procure crunchy, battered chicken wings.

Andy's Pizza

A local restaurant serving various American-adapted Italian and Greek dishes, Andy's always has slices of pizza ready to heat and go, as well as serving ice cream, water ice, and other frozen treats year-round. The restaurant has renovated its interior five times in the last decade under its current management, having gone from a budget take-out sandwich shop to a budget sandwich shop with a breakfast menu, assorted fancier offerings, and pleasant indoors dining atmosphere.

Sabor Latino

An authentic Mexican Restaurant, one may eat a large, satisfying meal here under $10 if one is in the mood for breakfast (served all hours they're open,) or selective in their ordering. Tortilla chips and guacamole are complementary when you sit down, and they have a selection of imported soft drinks from Latin America to choose from, as well as imported coffee at less than $2.

DiPaolo's Italian Ristorante

Sample authentic food just as it is experienced in Valle San Giovanni and Valle Soprana in the beautiful Abruzzo Region of Italy. Far and away the most expensive restaurant in town, one may occasionally find Porsches parked outside; if that sounds too expensive for you, it probably is, but the cannolis are excellent. Che buono!

Talk of the Towne

A diner restaurant with an available banquet room, the Talk of the Towne's specialty is a large cabinet of baked goods produced on the premises and a large breakfast buffet during breakfast hours replaced with an enormous salad bar during lunch and dinner hours.

Roman Pantry

According to BruceWillis the home of the best cheesesteaks in the world.


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