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Seegi Maja (the Almshouse)

Seegi Maja (the Almshouse) is known to be the oldest building in Pärnu. It was built in 1658 on the remains of the old almshouse of the Holy Spirit's Church as a shelter to the sick and the cripples.Based on research on the wooden raft under the basement of the building, the old almshouse dates back to 1250-1350. The building was restored to look the way it did in the 17th century. It houses the St. Peterburg Hotel and the restaurant Seegi Maja.

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Hotel Pärnu

Centrally located — most things worth seeing can be reached within ten minutes by foot. The outside doesn't look very appealing but the rooms are clean and modern, with well working Wi-Fi, balcony and air conditioner. Their Restaurant Embecke is on the ground floor. The room price includes a generous breakfast buffet and the use of the hotel's sauna.

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Small and cozy restaurant serving all sorts of Georgian dishes. If you are at least two persons, want to taste most of what is on the menu and are really hungry, try the "Georgian celebration plate for two"; it also includes a jar of the famous - albeit salty - Georgian mineral water Borjomi.

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Pärnu Town Hall

The Town Hall is located in a house built in 1797 by the merchant P.R. Harder. In 1804, the Russian czar Alexander I stayed in this house during his visit to Pärnu. A new art nouveau building with neo-baroque details was completed in 1911 to the north side of the town hall.

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Statue of Raimond Valgre

The musician Raimond Valgre who played in Pärnu in 1930s and brought the town a lot of fame, can today be found sitting in the park near Kuursaal, as a bronze statue. You too can sit down next to the beloved Estonian composer and enjoy his beautiful compositions.

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Church of Jekaterina

Completed in 1768, the Church of Jekaterina is the most style pure and ample baroque church in Estonia. The church has influenced the development of orthodox church architecture in whole Balticum. To this day Pärnu Russian congregation operates in the church.

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Eliisabet's Church

Eliisabet's Church, inaugurated in 1750, is the most outstanding sacral building of the Baroque period in Estonia. One of the best organs in Estonia is in Eliisabet's Church and the place is popular as a concert hall among music lovers.

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The Pärnu Jetty

The jetty has gained a romantic aura as a place for lovers to take walks on; however, before taking a walk there, be sure to check the water level! The length of both jetties is a bit over two kilometres.

Sassi Talu

Horseback riding. European-standards excellent service and reception; good both for novice and for experienced riders.


Spa Estonia

Modern and moderate-priced; great variety of medical treatment and procedures.

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Art galleries

Lydia Koidula and Modern Art Museum and City gallery

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Victoria Hotel

Small historical hotel in the city centre.

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EstRent Cottages

Holiday Cottages and Apartments in Pärnu

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fast food

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Peetri Pizza


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Pappa Pizza


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Organ festival

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