Palmarin is a rural community in Central Senegal. It is part of the Fatick administrative region.

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Wandering the lush gardens of Djidjack you might just come across the one of the area’s resident spirits. That’s because, located on the grounds, is one of the many sacred sites highly regarded by the region’s Sereer population. More specifically the spirit, known as Cupaan, is said to inhabit a sacred baobab. The careful observer may even spot its face. If spirit hunting is not your thing, Djidjack offers much more. Its family-friendly environment, with wide-open spaces and a laissez-faire staff is perched along a long, quiet stretch of the Petite Côte. If quiet time with a good book is for you, the expansive main lodge also houses an extensive library. No matter how you spend your time you’re sure to enjoy yourself at the Village de Vacance of Djidjack.

La Pointe de Sangomar

Many tourists come to the seaside village of Djifer to catch pirogues out to one of the many islands of the Sine Saloum Delta. But visit the La Pointe de Sangomar lodge and you just might miss your boat. Despite being on the mainland, the lodge has a distinct island feel with its grass walled and thatched roof bungalows. You can’t help but feel secluded as you walk amongst lush foliage of the lodge’s shaded pathways. During the morning and evening hours it’s easy to catch the sites of the Sine Saloum. Located on the inter-coastal near the port of Djifer, the lodge’s private beach is a perfect place to watch the colorful pirogues of the artisanal fisherman passing with the day’s catch.

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La Tulip Noire

The Tulipe Noire, a new addition to the accommodations at Palmarin, seamlessly blends the style of Italy with the natural beauty of Senegal. This Italian owned and operated lodge rests only a few meters from the shoreline of the Petite Côte, so rest & relaxation or sun & fun are always at your disposal. Aside from the beautiful accommodations, the dining experience is worth noting in its own right. For authenticity most provisions at the lodge are sourced directly from Italy. This is because at La Tulipe Noire, food is not simply a matter of dining but an epicurean delight. Visit Palmarin and see all that Tulipe Noir has to offer.

Lodge de Palmarin

The Lodge de Palmarin lies just south of the village of Diakhanor along a quiet stretch of the Petite Côte. The superb tranquility of the lodge is only enhanced by the hospitably of its staff. In true Sereer fashion, terranga at the Lodge de Palmarin is instantly recognizable. A stay here has the distinct feel of a visit with family or old friends


Popular with everyone from day tripping backpackers to those fortunate few on extended-stay vacations, Yokam has nearly a dozen rooms of varying styles. You’re sure to find one that is to your liking and fits easily into your budget.

Lodge des Collines de Niassam

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About Palmarin

Palmarin is rural community running along a 17km peninsula on the most southern stretches of Senegal's Petite Côte. To the west are the sandy beaches skirting the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. Located to the east is the protected National Reserve de Palmarin, a patchwork delta consisting of mangrove channels, salt flats, grass lands and forest. This unique combination of habitat supports a wide assortment of plant and animal life. The majority of the area’s residents live in one of five villages, from north to south Ngallo, Ngueth, Gounamane, Diakhanor and Djiffer. The dominant industries in the area are traditional fishing and tourism. Other smaller industries include salt, oyster and clam harvesting. The dominant ethnic group in the area is Sereer, speaking a distinct Soloum area dialect. French and Wolof are secondary languages also commonly spoken.


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