Pago Pago

Pago Pago is the capital city of American Samoa. In the Samoan language it is pronounced "Pahngo-Pahngo".

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Jean P. Haydon Museum

A museum that showcases Samoan history, culture, and nature, it's a great place to learn about the island and become acquainted with the local culture before venturing out to other destinations. The museum features many cultural artifacts, such as clothing, art, weaponry, pottery, and tattooing. There are also artifacts from WWII. Exhibits about the island itself, including the types of plants and animals are also on display. The museum is named after the wife of the founder, who collected many of the artifacts on display in the museum.

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Sadie Thompson Inn

Sadie Thompson was the prostitute who featured in the short story "Rain" by Somerset Maugham. There are 12 rooms for $135 and 2 apartments for $175.

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Sadie's by the Sea

Formerly known as The Rainmaker Hotel (aka The Ratmaker) the hotel has been much improved in recent years.

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Tradewinds Hotel

100 rooms in this hotel built in 2003. Clean and well maintained.

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