Ostia is in Lazio, Italy, close to Rome's major airport of Fiumicino.

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Litus Roma Hostel

Lungomare Toscanelli 186. The first hostel by the sea in Rome. Located near the new port of Rome and close to the excavations of Ostia Antica. It's easily reachable from the center of Rome by public transportation. Over 140 beds in comfortable rooms with ensuite bathrooms, TV, sea views, free daily maid service, and laundry services. € 24-38.

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You know it's terrific because of the crowds all the time. They have all kinds of pizze and many side dishes, all cafeteria style at very reasonable prices, and very tasty.

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Gelateria Salus

Very good ice cream (only at the table) in a particularly nice environment, prices are mid-range, but the ice cream and service are worth the price.

Faber Beach

Bar and restaurant right on the beach. In winter becomes the Evolution restaurant.

Zenzero Biorestaurant

Serves vegetarian food and fish. Very tasty food combined with a nice atmosphere.

Ristorante Don Pepe

Lungomare Paolo Toscanelli 125. Italian and Spanish cooking: fish and meat.

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Hotel Ping-Pong

Convenient, reasonable, friendly staff. Fax number is same phone number

Ristorante-Pizzeria Blue Fin

Lungomare Paolo Toscanelli 120.

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Ostia Antica

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About Ostia

Not far from the center of Rome, Ostia is a residential area, the capital's beach, and a well-known "Tourist Port" with moorings for boats from 8 to 60 metres in length. It also contains many Roman ruins, dating back to the days when Ostia served as Rome's port (a function now taken over by Civitavecchia). Ostia Antica is one of Lazio's major attractions, less crowded and, for some, more enjoyable than the ruins of Pompeii. So if you can't make it down to Pompeii don't worry. Just head out to Ostia.

Italy might be a Catholic country, but you won't detect any religious conservatism in the skimpy bikinis on display here. There's a carnival atmosphere, with dance halls, cinemas, and pizzerias. The Lido is set off best at Castelfusano, against a backdrop of pinewoods, which provide the summer residence of the President of Italy. This stretch of shoreline is referred to as the Roman Riviera.

If you're flying out of Fiumicino, this town is a good stopover for the night before. You can return your rental car if need be, and catch a cab for a few minute, few kilometer ride to the airport, and forget about the trains and the traffic from Rome.

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