Orvieto is a city in Umbria. Designed to be impregnable, it was founded by the Etruscans on the top of a steep hill made of tufa, a volcanic ash stone.

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Cantina Foresi

A nice place to have a glass of wine and traditional processed meats and cheeses from the Umbrian region. But what makes this place really interesting is the opportunity to visit the cellars cut into tufo rock and dating back to the 13th Century. The walls (and bottles!) are covered by a white mold.

DRINK   —  Piazza Duomo, 2

L'Asino d'Oro

Orvieto's sole chef inspired restaurant with a menu that changes daily but stresses the boar and truffles that the area is famous for. The chef, Lucio Sforza, does the rounds and the setting is quiet with most tables outside in the patio. Closed in winter.

EAT   —  Vicolo del Popolo

Ristorante dell'Ancora

The owner is local and his name is Carlo, his wife silvna owns a shop in the town as well. Tiramisu is exceptionally delicious. Eat on the outside candle lit terrace surrounded by lush green vines for a more romantic experience

Caffe Corso

Free Wi-fi access, nice little place to sit and get on the internet, very friendly staff, quick snacks and drinks. Open late, usually till midnight.

Griffin's resort

In Umbria, just a few kilometers from Orvieto among the charming hills, Griffin's Resort is an exclusive, quaint hotel with a gourmet restaurant.

Tourist information

Is available from the tourist office at the Piazza del Duomo (M-F 8:15-1:50, 4-7;Sat 10-1, 4-7; Sun and holidays 10-12, 4-6).

SEE   —  Map

Hotel Maitani

Arguably Orvieto's top hotel, in an ideal location for enjoying the town before the crowds arrive.


Umbrian food. Typical great dishes, great wines at reasonable prices.

EAT   —  +39 0763-341114 —  Via Duomo

Blu Bar

Local hangout, amicable bartenders, and wi-fi internet access.

DO   —  Map

3JOLIE Cafè de la Musique

Cocktail & food bar, live & disco music on weekends.


Traditional food in a fifteenth century building.

Hotel Duomo

Just 18 rooms in an ideal location.

Casa Flavia

This is 250m from Duomo.

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