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New Jersey is in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Despite being the most densely populated state in the nation, New Jersey is well known for its vibrant beach towns and natural attractions, including the migratory birds of Cape May, the Pine Barrens, blueberry farms and cranberry bogs, the Delaware Water Gap, a 72-mile leg of the Appalachian Trail and its interurban analogue, the East Coast Greenway, and the Palisades.

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About New Jersey

]] New Jersey is the most densely populated state and has a diverse population, rich culture, and many assets, including abundant natural resources and Fortune 500 companies.

New Jersey's big cities are centers of government and business. Though parts of the larger cities may be run down, they still have a lot to offer. Atlantic City, Princeton and New Brunswick are great cities and inhabited by the middle to upper class. Most New Jerseyans prefer to live in their suburbs and in nearby small towns. Rich folks cluster in certain old established towns and rural enclaves like Alpine, Harding Township, and Rumson. More than a third of the state, including the Pine Barrens, is rural and sparsely populated, with little or no public transportation.

There is a strong New York City influence in the north, and Philadelphia influence in the south. All major radio stations and local TV stations that serve New Jersey are located in those cities. New Jersey also serves as a bedroom community for many people who work in New York City and Philadelphia.

If driving in New Jersey, keep in mind that state law does not allow self-service at gas stations. New Jersey has some of the most expensive gasoline in the country due to its high gas tax, however, despite the close proximity to major oil refineries, the prices are slightly lower than in New York or Connecticut. Remember that the gas station attendant must pump the gas. Because of this, the cash price is often lower and more convenient than credit. Just pull up to the pump and tell the attendant "(Dollar amount, or "Fill it with"), (grade), (cash/credit), please", for example, "twenty dollars regular cash please".

You are legally allowed to pump your own diesel fuel. However, not all gas stations allow this. Many truckstops will let you pump diesel.


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