Nakfa is a town in Eritrea. It is about ten hours by taxi from the Eritrean capital of Asmara.

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Hotel Nakfa Apollo

This is a hotel with modern facilities but there is no restaurant. But they like to cook specially for you.

About Nakfa

Nakfa is the remotest village of Eritrea but at the same time the most sought after place. This was the place where the Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front or the E.P.L.F. fought bravely for nearly 30 years before liberating Eritrea from the rule of the Ethiopian government. For this reason the currency of Eritrea is also named ‘Nakfa’. The road from Afabet to Nakfa is winding like all the other roads in this country. But in this sector it is extremely narrow and the village van bulges with passengers. The people here are all tribal Muslims and they live in small stone huts without plastering. More important is the generator which is essential as this village has no electricity. Even a telephone is available in the village but it works on sunny days only as the power source is solar. You can’t dial home directly either as it is a link system and it takes quite some time to connect to Asmara. But the telephone booth looks ‘crowded’ all the day as those who come in the morning wait the whole day to get connected. Once connected you can talk aloud but there is no guarantee of your message reaching the other end as the signals are often very weak.


Source: wikivoyage