Naantali (Swedish: Nådendal, Latin: Vallis Gratiæ) is a town near Turku in Western Finland. It is a popular tourist destination in the summer.

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Moomin World

One of Finland's most popular amusement parks, dedicated to Tove Jansson's lovable Moomin characters (huge in Finland and Japan, but not too well known elsewhere). The blueberry-coloured Moomin House is the main attraction. Tourists are allowed to visit freely all the five storeys. Hemulen's yellow house is situated next door to the Moomin House. It is also possible to see Moominmama's Doughnut Factory, Fire Station, Pancake Factory, Snufkin's Camp, Moominpappa's boat etc. in Moomin World. Visitors may also meet Moomin characters there or the Witch in her cottage. Moomin World isn't a traditional amusement park. There are many activities and fantasy paths for kids there, e.g. Toffler's Path with Witch's Labyrinth, The Hattifatteners' Cave and The Groke's House. There are also performances in Moomin Theatre Emma. Moomin World is the world's 4th best theme park for children according to The Independent on Sunday (October 2005). Moomin World was also elected as the domestic travel destination of the year 2005 (Matkamessut, Finnish Travel Fair 2006). Moomin World got the Golden Pony Award 2007 by The Games & Parks Industry magazine. The Jury said: "Moomin World is welcoming, well themed and full of educational contents." The Moomin Bus (''Muumibussi'') connects directly to Turku.

Väski Adventure Island

Väski Adventure Island is an island neighbouring Moominworld. The setting is designed with school-aged children in mind. There is climbing, jumping, gliding down a zip-wire, panning for gold, testing one's archery skills and other "adventure" activities. Follow the red-route and play the Väski adventure game, completing tasks and recording your score whilst exploring the island trail. The fisherman's village on the island has rustic restaurants, a beach, a sauna and animals on the villager farm. You get to Väski Island by boat, departing near to the Moominworld bridge in Naantali. The voyage is included in the ticket price.

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Naantali Spa Hotel

Finland's largest spa with roots dating back to the 18th century, even the Russian Czar has paid a visit. The resort includes a multitude of restaurants, a variety of rooms and large spa, beauty and pool services. The spa is the only Scandinavian member in the Royal Spas of Europe - affiliation. The resort is also well known in Scandinavia for arranging conferences.

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Literally "Golden Shore", this is the summer residence of the Finnish president. Guided tours Jun–Aug daily except Monday, advance booking required.

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Convent Church

Built in 1443–1462, this is the oldest standing structure in the city and among the oldest anywhere in Finland.

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Naantali Camping

A camping ground half a kilometer from the city center operated by the city's tourist office.

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Old town

Like many other Finnish cities and towns, also Naantali has a beautiful wooden old town.

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Naantali guest harbour

Main marina, at the old town.

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