Musandam Peninsula

The Musandam Peninsula is an exclave of Northern Oman. Musandam is the northernmost tip of a peninsula that juts northward into the Persian Gulf and is roughly divided along its length between Oman and the UAE.

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Out on the water is where to get a closer look at the fjords of Musandam. There are huge chunks of rocks towering over the serene waters and little villages that are only accessible by boat. One of the striking geological features of these mountains is all the twisting and turning they've gone through over the years. It is possible to see many of these on boat trips arranged through agencies in Dubai or Khasab. Dhow cruises take you either out to the Hormuz Strait or to the biggest fjord, Khawr Shamm.

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Dolphin watching

There are several dolphin families living in the fjords of Musandam. [ Several dhow tours] include dolphin spots or specific dolphin tours are available. Don't feed them, and let the Dhow crew do the whistles.

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Starting from the principal town of Khasab, a graded road straddles a ridge, high above valleys on either side. Mt. Harim is the highest point in Musandam. It's used for military purposes, so the road doesn't go over the top, but veers off about 0.4 km from the summit.

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Deep Water Soloing

Niche sport activity that is growing fast on the Dibba coastline. It is one of the best areas in the world and offer breathtaking clifflines.

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Village of Tawi Rock Paintings

The new road allows access to Tawi where you can visit some prehistoric drawings and rock engravings of boats, animals and warriors.

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Kite surfing

UAE residents bring this sport to Musandam. The constant wind and the long coast offer abundant places for kiting.

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Bukha Fort

Built in the 17th century and restored in 1990, its rounded pear-shaped watchtower is particularly notable.


There are SSI and PADI certified dive centers in Khasab and Dibba.

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About Musandam Peninsula

Musandam is on the Strait of Hormuz, separated from the rest of Oman by the eastern coastline of the United Arab Emirates. It also includes the exclave Madha which is completely enclosed by the United Arab Emirates, inside of which is a truly tiny exclave called Nahwa that is part of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.

The mountains have housed extremely isolated communities for centuries and many coastal villages can only be reached by boat. Some Bedouin communities are still today closed for non-Omanis. The highest mountain is Jebel Al Harim with an altitude of 2,087 meters above sea level. Most of the roads are still gravel/dirty roads and only the major highway from the UAE border to Khasab is perfectly built for the increasing traffic.

Omanis in the region have for centuries developed close trading ties with Iran. The Iranian city Bandar Abbas is just 65 km or 1.5 hours by boat across the Strait of Hormuz. Locally Khasab is known for the smuggling by Iranians in and out of Musandam. The trading is only illegal for the Iranian traders as Oman has a free trade zone and regulates the trade in its port. Today Iranians in general sell cattle (sheep/goats), spices and other agricultural goods in exchange for TV sets, computers and other electronic goods. You can watch the trade in Khasab harbour without major restrictions.

Tourism has become important since the construction of the Khasab Road to the UAE border. The tourist season runs from late October until April. The tourist swell is usually limited to the weekend (Thu-Sat), when UAE residents arrive with their families. During these days, reserve hotels and tours in advance to avoid problems. Also when cruise ships arrive in Khasab, facilities like transport will be stretched to the maximum.


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