Montefalco is a hill town in southern Umbria in Italy, south of Assisi and north of Spoleto. It is well-known as a wine producing center.

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B&B in Casale

Nice B&B in Casale, a small village about 3 Km far from Montefalco. Rooms with private bathrooms starting from 60 euros per night.

SLEEP   —  +39 393 9191274 —  Fraz. Casale 24

About Montefalco

For many years Montefalco was a closely guarded secret among Italian wine lovers. Good, cheap wine was too valuable to tell others about. But, inevitably, the secret leaked out and the bargains have gone. The main red wine in terms of quantity is the Rosso di Montefalco. This uses the Sangiovese grape that is found in the wines of Chianti but mixes in some of the local Sagrantino grape, which is what makes Rosso di Montefalco special. The Sagrantino grape is said to have more tannin than just about any other grape in the world. You can also find a pure Sagrantino red wine as well as a passito version which is a thick, syrupy wine. Montefalco’s white wine, Grechetto, is also made from a local grape, of the same name as the wine.


Source: wikivoyage