Kosovska Mitrovica or Mitrovicë is a city in the north of the Republic of Kosovo although the northern part is controlled by Serbia.

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Srpska Soba restaurant

The restaurant running in the same building with NorthCity Hotel. If you want something to eat, but not fast food, this is a good option. Here you can find soups, meat courses etc.

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Miner's hill

The Miner's hill is situated on the northern part of the city. On the top of hill is a panoramic view. Additionally there is a orthodox church and iconic monument of the miners.

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South bus station

Coming from Pristina (~1 hour, €1.50, 3 times per hour) catch the bus go to the bus stop near the city's main mosque, with dueling minarets. To Peja (~2 hours, €3.50)

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North Mitrovica bus station

Taking a bus from Belgrade (or Southern Serbia) you will arrive at the North Mitrovica improvised bus station. Daily one direct bus to Nis, two via Novi Pazar

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New Bridge

The main bridge in Mitrovica guarded by KFOR soldiers. The bridge connects the northern and southern parts of the city.

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Hotel Palace

Popular with international organizations for holding their conferences.

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Kosovo Polje train station

The train from Zvečan to Kosovo Polje has now stopped running.

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NorthCity Hotel

Price includes the breakfast.

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Haji Veseli Mosque

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About Mitrovica

The city of Mitrovica is divided into a North and South by the Ibar river. The Northern section is mainly populated by Serbs, with some Albanian sole and mixed neighbourhoods along the banks of the Ibar. The southern section is mainly populated by Albanians, with few Serbians. There are several bridges that connect the two sections. Much has been made of the main Mitrovica Bridge running from the Albanian side to the Serbian side. It has been the scene of violence in the past, notably in 1999. It is completely safe to cross by daylight but may be less safe at night, depending on the general political climate. There were no reported disturbances on the bridge on the evening of the Serbian general election in May 2012 - the type of event which would ordinarily spark trouble.

Source: wikivoyage