Vila Veselova

Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Located in a 100 year old Victorian villa on the western side of town near Tivoli park and the American Embassy. VV is a 5 minute walk to the city center. They have free breakfast (cereal and coffee). Self-serve kitchen and laundry. Free WiFi is available down stairs in the common area (but has good reception in the rooms downstairs too). Rooms are large and draughty, located near a main road and train tracks. Rooms aren't numbered, but have colours! (Yellow room, Green room, Lime room....etc.) Most bathrooms aren't en suite, but are locked and you have a key (so if you're in the Turquoise room...every one in that room uses the Turquoise bathroom). 8,6 and 4 bedroom dorms and one private room with en suite facility (Violet room). Prices are €20 and up a night with the private Turquoise room going for about €40 a night. Front desk is staffed in the morning and early evening and you need the code to get in. Contact the hostel if you're going to be late, because no one will be around to let you in or unlock your room (unless you have a cell phone that will work in Slovenia. Phone numbers are posted outside). Reception staff are very friendly and extremely helpful. A nice efficient place to stay, with a good vibe, if you don't mind bare-bones comfort.

  Directions    Veselova 14

Phone: +386 59 926 721

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