Ligatne (Latvian: Līgatne) is a town in Gauja National Park in Latvia.

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Līgatne nature reservation

In the nature reservation you may encounter bears, lynx, moose/elk, European bison, roe deer and red deer as well as many species of birds.

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Lacu miga

Hotel and Restaurant in a modern log cabin construction overlooking the aforested river Līgatne valley.

SLEEP   —  +371 64153481 —  Gauja iela 22

Rehabilitation Centre "Ligatne"

Socrealist buildings may surprise, but the hotel is good value for money.

Līgatne village

with peculiar 19th century wooden architecture

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Līgatne paper mill

in operation since 1816

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Secret Soviet bunker

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Teathered Ferry across the Gauja River

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