Leoben is a town in Styria in Austria.

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Main Square

Features traditional town houses and: **'''Hacklhaus''', which has a Baroque facade from around 1600 (red facade, on the southern end of the square, see photo above). **'''Altes Rathaus''' (''Old City Hall''), with structures that date back to 1485, the five-sided tower was erected in 1568. It was the city hall until the 1970s and now houses a congress centre. **'''Pestsäule''' (''Plague Column''), built in 1717 after the plague was eliminated (in the centre). **'''Engelsbrunnen''' (''Angel's fountain'') from 1794 (on the northern end of the square, in summer one of the fountains is fed with drinking water and marked with a sign). **'''Bergmannsbrunnen''' (''Miner's fountain'') from 1799 (on the southern end of the square).

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This tower (literally called ''mushroom tower'') was originally erected as a toll gate in the town wall in 1512. It received its roundish roof in 1794, that is the reason for its name. Nowadays it is the town's landmark. There is a small café on top of it (see "Drink"-section).

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Cafe am Schwammerlturm

The café offers a nice view over the roofs of Leoben and beyond. It offers the usual choice of drinks and cakes. When walking up one can see a small collection of medieval weapons.

About Leoben

Leoben is a town of about 25,000 inhabitants. It is the industrial and educational centre of Northern Styria. The University of Leoben with about 3,000 students is right in the centre, Leoben also hosts the headquarters of international companies and the brewery Gösser.


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