Lakselv is a small town in Finnmark at the very top of Norway in the municipality Porsanger. The area is as far north as the northern coast of Alaska and most of Siberia.

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Stabbursnes Nature Reserve

Stabbursnes Nature Reserve is established in order to protect a wetland area of great botanical and ornithological interest. Stabbursnes is a large delta of fluvial deposits. On the delta surface there are several fossil river tracks and ancient shore lines, which document the gradual upheaval of the land after the last glacial period.The reserve has international importance as a resting and feeding area for many species of migrating wetland birds. (RAMSAR area). In the migrating period some species are very numerous, especially Knot (Calidris canutus), Dunlin (Calidris alpina) and Bar-tailed Godwit (Limosa lapponica). A great part of the Norwegian population of the rare species Lesser White-fronted Goose (Anser erythropus) rests in the area during migrating periods. The reserve is also an important moulting area for many species of ducks, and a winter habitat for Eider (Somateria mollissima).Within the protected area we find some of the largest salt and brackish marshes in Northern Norway with many arctic plant communities. In a part of the reserve, the Valdak Marshes (Valdak myra), all traffic is prohibited from Maand from August 10th to September 20th. Elsewhere you may move around freely within the reserve. Within the whole reserve it is prohibited: To destroy the natural environment, including the plant life. Collecting berries and mushrooms is, however, allowed. To kill, catch or hunt birds and other animals To let loose dogs. To camp, raise tents or camouflage arrangements.

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Stabbursdalen Resort

The rivers in the county of Porsanger are rich in Salmon and Sea trout. All rivers are extremely beautiful and still inexpensive compared to other rivers in Norway. Salmon anglers across the world have heard about Northern Norway’s marvellous salmon rivers. Stabburselva is known for its beautiful surroundings and excellent salmon fly-fishing. Lakselva is known for big sized Salmon, and Børselva is well known for its crystal clear water and beautiful surroundings. If you want good value for money and several really good rivers where you can find places in solitude, Stabbursdalen Resort is the place for you. Stabbursdalen Resort is close to Stabbursdalen National Park and Stabbursnes Nature Reserve. The area is the northernmost border for many species of plants, birds and insects. The park has excellent trails for hikers that want to experience striking arctic wildlife in the northernmost pine forest in the world

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Bungalåven is an old farm house. Originally, the farm house was home for animals as well as people. In 1948, Ottar, one of the owners, was born in the house alongside cows and sheep. Since 1968, animals have not been allowed in the house. In 1995 the house was renovated and opened for guests.They come from all over the world to fish, hunt and enjoy other arctic mountain adventures. The kitchen chef prepares a varied menu of delicious traditional meals, such as Arctic char, Arctic trout, Arctic wild salmon, Arctic sea fish, reindeer and local sheep. Bungalåven has its own distinctive atmosphere. Lonely Planet has recommended Bungalåven for many years -and they still do.

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Salmon and trout (guided tours)

The municipality Porsanger has three of the best salmonrivers in Norway. You will also find over 4000 lakes for freshwaterfishing. Experience the beauty of arctic Norway through the nights filled with midnightsun. Porsanger is truly a fishermans paradise. If you would like the extra luxury that comes with fishing on private beats you can contact Porsangerfjord Travel to be led in the right direction. Fishing is allowed in Finnmark, but be sure to check out what rules apply just where you are at.

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Lakselv Hotell

The hotel is situated on a hill with great view of the wonderful Porsangerfjord. The hotel is located 1.5 km from Lakselv center and 3 km from North Cape Airport is an ideal base for excursions locally and to the North Cape and Karasjok. From the hotel there is a marked hikingtrail in scenic areas with good opportunities for fishing and outdoor activities.

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Porsanger Museum (guided tours)

The exhibition in Skoganvarre include WWII history, local culture and history along with a special exhibition on the Sami sjaman Johan Kaaven. Combine your trip to the museum with a walk along the path through the WWII fieldhospital in the area.

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Lakselv Hostel

The hostel is located 7 km from Lakselv. Lakselv means «the river of salmons». The opportunities for fishing are excellent. In the picturesque surroundings there are also good opportunities for hiking and hunting.

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Lasarettmoen (guided tours)

The marked trail leads you to the remains of one of the largest WWII fieldhospitals in Finnmark. Be sure to buy an infofolder from the touristinformation to make the most of your trip to Lasarettmoen.

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Serve pizza, pasta, beef, lamb, pork and dishes with chicken. They also have seafood, traditional Norwegian food and local specialities. You will also find the traditional reindeermeat.

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Roddines Nature Reserve (guided tours)

At Rodddines you can see a typical and beautiful example of raised beach ridges made by the sea in receding altitudes as the land gradually rose after the last iceage.

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Silfar Canyon (guided tours)

Experience the beauty, see the crystal clear water run over the whitegreysish dolomite. Silfar Canyon is one of the largest ones in Northern Europe.

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Trollholmsund (guided tours)

The dolomite trolls are true wonders of nature. An old Sami myth tells the story of how the trolls were turned into stone.

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Northern Light safari

Join us on a trip outside Lakselv to see the beauty of the Northern Light. More information at Porsangerfjord Travel

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A cafeteria inside the shoppingmall (Varesenter) Banaksenteret. Coffee, cakes, baguettes and some hot dishes.

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Kistrand Church

One of the few churches in Finnmark to survive WWII. The church was inaugurated in 1856.

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Lazzzy Place

Lazzzy Place is a small cosy guesthouse in the center of Lakselv.

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A wide range of both fastfood, pizzas and local food.

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Husky safari

A dogsled safari under the Northern Light.

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Porsanger Vertshus

A guesthouse in the middle of Lakselv.

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