Kihnu is the largest island in the Gulf of Riga and one of the smallest municipalities in Estonia.

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Kihnu Museum

It hosts exhibits about the history of the island, the life and times of famous local captain, Kihnu Jõnn, and a collection of paintings by the renowned artist, Jaan Oad. Across the road from the museum you'll find the Kihnu Orthodox church and cemetery.

DO   —  +3725818 8094 —  Map

Kihnu pood

Grocery store. Fresh food from Pärnu arrives on Mondays and Fridays.

BUY   —  +3725626 2181 —  Sääre village

Kihnu Lighthouse

29m high and located in the southernmost headland in Kihnu.

SEE   —  Map

Pihlaka kodumajutus

Sauna; Grill; Bicycle rent; Fishing trip; Car tour.

Sadama öömaja

Sauna (20 €/h); Bicycle rent; Fishing trip (85€).

Kihnu Küek

Home-restaurant; booking in advance.

Kihnuranna puhkeküla

Sauna; Bicycle rent; Fishing trip;

Kastani majutus

Sauna; Bicycle rent; Free WiFi.

Kurase kohvik

Open only during summer.

EAT   —  Sääre village

Kurase baar

Open only during summer.

DRINK   —  Sääre village

Rock City

Tavern; Sauna;...

SLEEP   —  +372 56262181 —  Map

Kurase kauplus

Grocery store.

BUY   —  Sääre village

Kallase pood

Grocery store.

BUY   —  +372446 9908 —  Lemsi village

Hiie kodumajutus

SLEEP   —  +372 56190370 —  Map

Niine majutus

SLEEP   —  +372 5241754 —  Map

Ranniku majutus

SLEEP   —  +372 5071453 —  Map

About Kihnu

For many years, the men of Kihnu have been frequently gone to sea while the women ran the island and became the guardians of the island's cultural heritage which includes handicrafts, dances, games and music. Unlike men, they also wear their national costumes in everyday life. So it's quite normal to see an old woman dressed in traditional clothing driving a motorbike or even a tractor. UNESCO proclaimed Kihnu's cultural space and traditions as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity on November 7, 2003.

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