Khmelnytskyi (Ukrainian: Хмельницький Khmel'nyts'kyi, Russian: Хмельницкий) is a city in the Podillia region, Western Ukraine. The city has a population of roughly 290,000.

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Park of Taras Shevchenkо

For more than a hundred years of its shady avenues and manicured flower gardens delight the eye with the townspeople. Over the 15-18th centuries, this area was actually the outskirts of the ancient Proskurov settlement. - In 1824, this taken by a large trade area. Part of the oak trees cut down along the perimeter of the square built shops and warehouses, and the center left no room for trade carts. The Square/Park named Bread and became the main venue for trade fairs and in Proskurov. - Proskurov gradually grew, and soon the area became Bread is too small to hold fairs. In 1888, city officials decided to move the main shopping area close to the train station. Grain area given to the quartering of the 46 units of the Dnieper Infantry Regiment. Shops and warehouses converted under the barracks, and the spaces fairgrounds was used as a parade ground. In 1992, this park was named about an unveiled monument to Taras Shevchenko.

Khmelnytskyi train station

This is rather drab and depressing as can often be the case with train stations in eastern Europe and as with bus and train stations worldwide they can often attract people of a dubious nature especially if you arrive at night so best to get away into the city once you arrive, taxis wait just outside the exit. - Trains to Ternopil, Kiev, Lvov. +380 382 79511, Cash desk for advance sale of railway tickets: +380 382 694101

Nativity of the Virgin Church

In 1670's in this place stood a small wooden church. In 1835 construction began on the cathedral. In 1930's removed from church bells to the needs of industrialization, and in 1937 the temple was closed. Than used as a warehouse and later as an archive room. In 1990 reopened.

Cathedral of Saint Andrew

built in the late XIX century. as the regimental church of the 35 th of Belgorod Dragoons, who in 1880 was transferred to Proskurov. Regimental church operated until 1920. Since 1920's used as a gym. In 1991 service was resumed in a restored Orthodox church.

SEE   —  +380 382 720830 —  Kozatska, 69

Trinity monastery in Satanivska Slobidka village

Built in 16-18th C. Monastery complex consists of the gate bell with cells, gates and fences, rebuilt in 1744 in Baroque style. On three sides it is surrounded by two meter thick walls, up to 6 m high.

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Medzhybizh Castle

Built as a bulwark against Ottoman expansion in the 1540s, became one of the strongest fortresses of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland in Podolia. Renovated in 19th century.

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Izyaslav village

Main sights : Bernardines monastery (монастир бернардинців), 1600's; St.Joseph missionaries church + cells (костел місіонерів св.Йосифа), 1750, Sanguszkos' estate, 1650.

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Sharivka village

Protection of the Virgin church-fortress (Покровська церква-фортеця), 14-16th C., 1773

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Church of Saint George

The temple was built as a regimental church of 46 th Infantry Regiment of Dnieper.

Sutkivtsi village church-fortress

Protection of the Virgin church-fortress (Покровська церква-фортеця), 1467

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Khmelnytskyi Central Bus Station

Buses to/from Kiev. +phone=+380 382 789355

Scheschelei estate in Samchyky

Built in 19th C. - Now, it is a museum

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Mykhailo Chekman Park

The biggest green area in the city

Church of Christ of King of Universe

Roman Catholic Church

SEE   —  Myru ave., 55

Letychiv Castle and Dominicans monastery

Built in 1600's

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Orlovskis' estate, Maliivtsi village

Built in 1900's

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Samchyky estate remains in Slavuta

Built in 1820.

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About Khmelnytskyi

While the city is located in western Ukraine it appears that people in Khmelnytskyi don't speak Ukrainian exclusively (as is generally the case in the nearby city of Ternopil) Many in Khmelnytskyi speak Russian as their first language, it appears that both Ukrainian and Russian can be used interchangeably in Khmelnytskyi.

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