Kamianets-Podilsky (Russian: Каменец-Подольский, Ukrainian: Кам’янець-Подільський) is a city in Western Ukraine.

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Bus Station

Buses from Chernivtsi, Vinnitsa, Lviv or Kiev take 1.5, 4, 5 and 8-9 hours, respectively. The buses from Kiev cost around UAH100 but can faster marshrutkas (minibuses) can be UAH150 from Vokzal (the railway station) in Kiev. The buses from Chernivtsi are not as frequent as Lonely Planet may lead you to believe. The buses from Vinnitsa are rare but exist.

Kava u politsmeystera

nice design. Waiters speak English. You have to take the menu from and order on the bar, the order will be brought to your table. "Coffee Ice Cream" is worth trying. Although the name suggests that coffee is the main drink here, you can have a good dinner as well.

Railway Station

The best way to get here from Kiev is take a train. There are 2 "Podilsky Express" trains with seats departing from Kiev at 16:43 and 23:41. It takes 6.5-7 hours to get Kamianets-Podilskyi. Also there is a night train taking 9 hours and going every second day.

Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

XV-XVIII centuries. The architectural ensemble of the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul includes: the actual church, bell tower, a triumphal arch and a minaret. Contains features of Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic architecture.

Trinity monastery in Satanivska Slobidka village

Built in 16-18th C. Monastery complex consists of the gate bell with cells, gates and fences, rebuilt in 1744 in Baroque style. On three sides it is surrounded by two meter thick walls, up to 6 m high.

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Holy Cross church

A wooden church near the walls of the ancient fortress, on the coastal strip in the natural valley of the Smotrych River

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Papal tower

5 -storey tower , is on the southeast corner of the castle on the rock beneath cottages nestled suburb Karvasary .

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"babushka's" apartment

Reports from trusted sources state that a room off peak at a apartment will cost only around 30 UAH"babushka's" .

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Good cheap cafe in city centers with ukrainian cuisine, about 35 kinds of vareniks (dumplings)

Pid bramoyu

nice design combining medieval and national Ukrainian motifs. Waitresses don't speak English.

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The ancient fortress

is the major attraction of this town. 12-18th cent. Built to protect against the Tatars

SEE   —  +380 3849 21500 —  Str. Papanina

Sharivka village

Protection of the Virgin church-fortress (Покровська церква-фортеця), 14-16th C., 1773

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Monastery of Vyzytok

closed with an internal court and western facade unfolded on a straight line.

SEE   —  Suvorova str., 2

Sutkivtsi village church-fortress

Protection of the Virgin church-fortress (Покровська церква-фортеця), 1467

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Mansion of Dembytskyi

Presently ''Palace of pioneers' takes place in building.

State botanical garden

A general area of botanical garden is 17.7 hectares.

Archeological Museum

Former armenian trading house (XVII. cent.)

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Osavulovoys House

Today here is a children's sanatorium.

Tenchynska tower

The tower is round, has some loophole

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Picture Gallery

XVIII. century. Former Seminary.

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Former Town Hall (Polish Magistrat)

XIV.-XVIII. centuries.

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Kovpak tower

similar to Tenchynsku

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Novoplanivskyi bridge

Built in 1850's.

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Four star hotel

Orlovskis' estate, Maliivtsi village

Built in 1900's

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Stone Flower

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About Kamianets-Podilskyi

This is one of the earliest towns in Ukraine, first mentioned around 1060 as a Slavic town controlled by Lithuanians, but evidence suggests that the Dacians and later the Trypillians had lived there in prehistorical times. The town is a natural crossroad for trans-Carpathian and trans-Ukrainian trade, which attracted Poles, Germans, Armenians, Lithuanians, Jews, Ukrainians, Russians and Romanians to live here until World War II. Now, the town is almost exclusively Ukrainian. A large fortress was built here to watch over the River Smotrych and some evidence suggests that a fortress has existed on this natural outcropping of rock since 2 millennia ago.

Source: wikivoyage