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Dzintaru Mežaparks

Contains many outdoor playground activities for children. During the winter, the park becomes the site of a cross-country skiing trail.

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Elina Hotel

5 minutes from beach, comfortable, clean, easy access to beach and good restaurant downstairs.

SLEEP   —  +371 29235230 —  Lienes iela 43

Livu Akvaparks

The biggest water attraction in Northern Europe.

DO   —  24 Viestura St

Nemo Camping

Tent, caravan pitches and cottages for rent.

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Riga Beach Hostel

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About Jūrmala

Jurmala, the pearl of Latvia, is the largest resort town in the Baltic. No other place has beaches with tens of kilometres of such white, fine sand. Nowhere else do the pines on the dunes murmur so restfully. And the air is full of ozone and sea freshness. Right behind the dunes are the wooden houses so characteristic of Jurmala, with their finely divided window, verandas and rooftop structures. Beside them are contemporary buildings, blending admirably into the landscape. Jurmala is a city on the crest of a wave. A wave of achievement, of hope, of love and success. The waves in the Gulf of Riga, with their white crest, are calm and inviting only in the summer. In the autumn storms, they grow harsh and impose their own rhythm. Just as varied as the sea is life in the different parts of the town along its whole 33 km length, between the Lielupe, one of Latvia's major rivers, and the Gulf of Riga. At the narrowest spot, a distance of only 300 metres separates the river from the sea. The town has many hotels and guest houses, catering for widest range of tastes. There are pools with seawater and mineral water. Tennis courts and yacht clubs. Jurmala offers diverse cultural, recreation and sporting activities. Favourites are the traditional festivities — the Jomas Street Festival, and the Fishermen's Festival, both held in the middle of summer, in July. For unforgettable moments, take a summer ferry trip down the '''River Lielupe'''. The town's history, along with people well known in Latvia and the world, is seen in six museums, including one of Latvia's few open-air museums. By walking the nature trails, you can acquaint yourself at leisure with the outstanding relief, flora and fauna. Jurmala is beautiful and interesting at any season of the year, but most visitors arrive in the summer months, from June to August. The town is gradually developing into a venue for conferences and meetings, where guests arrive throughout the year. Certainly, every tourist and visitor is welcome, assured of a hospitable reception in Jurmala. Every moment in Jurmala provides energy and joy of life to last a long time, and all who come will long to return again and again.