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is a monastery. It was founded in 1611 by Iov Knyagynytsky. Today it’s a living man’s Orthodox Monastery of the Kiev Patriarchate. In 1621 Maniava Cell was surrounded by a stone wall with three defensive towers, where the inhabitants of surrounding villages could take a refuge during the attacks of the Turks and Crimean Tatars. It was one of the biggest Christian centers in Galicia. It had a large library and was famous for the main iconostasis. - Maniava Cell is also known because of the Blessed Stone. According to believers, it’s a place of prayer and purification. This is a first shelter, a cell for the Carpathian apostles. The Blessed Stone is almost kilometer distance from the bridge at the Mount Manyavka near the monastery lake. The Stone is located in a huge cave or niche. This is a typical ancient monk’s dwelling. - For day tour

  Directions    16, Vul. Skytova, (вул. Скитова), Maniava village

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