Gyumri is the second largest city in Armenia and the capital of Shirak Province in Northern Armenia.

12 things to do

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Black Fortress

The big, round, black fortress on the top of the hill overlooking Gyumri is a good spot to take in the view. It once protected the Russian Empire from the Ottoman Empire. Nearby is the huge "Mother Armenia" statue.

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Town Square

Huge square in the middle of town, with a church, a cathedral, a massive government building, fountains, restaurants, and all adjacent to the old town with great architecture and some small museums.

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National Arch. Museum

This museum is nearer the highway to Yerevan, and has beautiful traditional architecture, interesting rooms, and a cool dining room where you can order a meal ahead of time.

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Italian restaurant and self-styled "lounge-cafe". The food is nothing spectacular, but the location is great at the end of the main pedestrian street.

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Russian Church

If you're spending a few days in Gyumri, make your way over to this church, which is a bit different from the norm.

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Cafe-bar destination

Huge glass covered space, with water, plants, etc, bringing the outdoors to the indoors.

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Nice cafe on the main pedestrian street which serves, among other things, decent coffee.

EAT   —  Rijkov st.

Varduhi B&B

Very cozy homestay in the apartment of a local teacher. Close to the city centre.

Berlin Guesthouse

Western hotel. Good location for walking around in the center.

About Gyumri

Much of the city's historic center dates to the days when Gyumri was an outpost of the Russian Czar in the Southern Caucasus, and the architecture reflects that. The buildings, of dark black stone, are primarily 1800s Russian in style, with Armenian touches. Much of the center was destroyed by the 1988 quake which devastated the region, part of which has been rebuilt. There are also Russian churches and cemeteries, and a large Russian base still dominates a part of the city. George Gurdjieff, a well-known early 20th-century mystic, philosopher, spiritual teacher, and composer was born in Gyumri.

Source: wikivoyage