Hadum Mosque

Gjakova, Kosovo

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Hadum Mosque (Xhamia e Hadumit) is one of the very first monuments which marks the history of the town of Gjakova. Being built in 1594-95, it represents a cultural, educational and religious center of this area. After being damaged during the 1999 Kosovo War, it was reconstructed and now is open not only for religious and educational purposes, but also for touristic and cultural visits. A history of the mosque will be told to any visitor. Just 10 minutes on foot away from the center of the city, in the road of the Old Bazaar of Gjakova (also known as the Grand Bazaar of Gjakova) (Albanian: Çarshia e Vjetër e Gjakovës or Çarshia e Madhe e Gjakovës).


Opening hours: daytime

Average Price: free

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