Freistadt is a small town in Upper Austria.

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The “Linz Gate” is 28 meters in height and the landmark of Freistadt. You can still see the hangovers from the draw-bridge. A painting of the royal double eagle, a loophole and a picture of the patroness of Freistadt (Saint Catherine of Alexandria) is on the “Linz Gate”. Moreover the earlier writing of the name of the City “Freystadt” can be seen there.

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Freistadt Castle

Passing a beautiful Gothic styled archway you reach the castle. It was finished in the years 1397/98 and served as a substitute for the old castle. The mighty tower is 50m high and gives rooms for the native museum. In the former chapel of the castle there is also a rich collection of pictures painted on glass.

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Bohemian Gate

nearly as old as the city. The shape of the side walls shows you that there once were three wooden floors inside. These floors as well as the wooden roof were damaged by the last town fire in 1880. But the existing walls give you an impression of the strength of the fortification.

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Parish church Katharinenmünster

The church of Freistadt is the only five-aisled basilica in Austria. The star-vaulting in the choir of our church is very impressive and a masterpice of gothic style. The tower of the parish church is in baroque style and 67 m high. It also gives room for a war-memorial.

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founded in 1777 and now gives room to an art gallery. You can see the inner side of the „Bürgerkorpsturm“ if you pass the „Linz Gate“ and turn right. The Tower is named after an old but still existing association of the citizens of Freistadt for the defence of the city.

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The oldest building of the city. Its name stands for the admission to embed and trade salt in the Middle Ages. Now a lot of concerts and exhibitions take place in the “Salzhof”. A few years ago it was completely restored and now mainly gives room for the music school.

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Alter Rathausturm

At the southern side of the city there’s the “Old Tower of the Town Hall” in Renaissance-style. It was built very robust because it’s part of the city wall. The way through the town moat leads you to the “Dechanthofturm” – our next sight.

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built as a defense in the fourteenth century between the city and the town moat. In place of the tower there was the “Posttürl” – the small secret third entry to the city which was destroyed by a town fire in 1887.

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Back on the promenade, it leads you along a pond. The Scheiblingturm was built to protect the water running in. On the inner side of the tower there is a reconstruction of the rampart walk in a height of 7 metres.

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This tower was built for defense of the city wall too. It’s one of the most picturesque parts of the city and includes the “Dechanthof” which is along with the tower a very impressive building in baroque style.

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In the shop you find different kinds of books, such as children’s books, adventure stories, action books, history books and so on. They also offer gifts and stationery.

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built around 1345, and all around this church there was the cemetery of Freistadt for 300 years. The building next door gives room to a convent school.

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Intersport Pötscher

A sport shop in which you can buy sport articles. But the shop also sells jackets and other street wear.

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Fruits, biscuits and household articles like brushes. There are also magazines or newspapers on sale.

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Tanz Tenne Amadeus

a night club for dancing. '''Wespennest''' one the same address is a pizza pub

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A café and coffee roasting house

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a pub where you can bet

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Café and bakery

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grocery shop

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A café

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a bar

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Vis á Vis

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