Foshan (佛山 Fóshān) is an industrial city near Guangzhou.

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Southern Taoyuan

Southern Taoyuan peach hometown, tree beautiful, bud, flower color of fresh, long flowering period. Here picturesque scenery, green grass, forest covers an area of more than 90%. Every year before the Spring Festival, large tracts of peach trees in early puberty, peach strains, clump, bunch, sinks into the red.

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Renshou Temple

Founded in 1925. The temple originally belonged to the Vajrayana school, but later was converted into a Chan (Zen) temple. Houses an exotic pagoda, and is an interesting mix of colorful Vajaryana icons and simple Chan aesthetics.

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Liangyuan Park

Formerly the residence of the Liang clan, the park is actually a large garden housing a number of traditional Chinese-style buildings. Well worth a visit.

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Zumiao Temple

Inside is a Confucius temple, Memorial Hall of kung Fu legends Wong Fei Hong and Ip Man, and among other things regarding Foshan history.

Taoci Town

A small village with a long tradition of pottery making. An excellent place to find some pieces of traditional-style Chinese porcelain.

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Shiwan's Nanfeng Ancient Furnace

Founded during Zhengde period of Ming Dynasty(1506-1521). A reminder of Foshan's once great porcelain industry.

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Swissotel Foshan

Tallest building, first international hotel in Foshan. Restaurants and bars.

Zhongshan Park

Offers nine specific scenic areas and family entertainment facilities.

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Leigang Park

The park hosts children's attractions and a large lake.

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Lotus World

The largest lotus ecological park in the world.

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Mini Club

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Rave Party

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